Pass On, Poem by Michael Lee

Download The Poem: store.buttonpoetry.com Facebook Page: www.facebook.com Director – Josh Thacker (www.joshthacker.com Producer – Aaron Richey Director of Photography – Ryan Taylor AC – Alex Horner/Jonny Zeller Gaffer – Chris Hultgren Grip – Bob Nelson Dolly Grip – Brian Suerth Sound – Patrick…

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  1. MikeMlek says:

    16 people aren’t passing on when they die.

  2. 0vlogger says:

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  3. 0vlogger says:

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  4. LiquidxAngel says:

    I found this piece when my father was first diagnosed with a very rare cancer. I watched it every single day. It gave me hope.

    My father passed on yesterday and welcomed the winds to carry him hence. The battle of his body, done and over.

    I will search for him everywhere and in everything. Because of this amazing poem, my heart knows peace now.

    thank you.

  5. Suddity says:

    This is a beautiful piece of art work, if you don’t mind please check out my work on my channel it will be greatly appreciated !!

  6. kimankelly says:

    this is amazing.

  7. Brian Dorn says:

    From My Poems To Yours

  8. Jillian Guillermo says:

    i love this so so much

  9. PLGiants says:

    He’s from Minneapolis 🙂 If that’s any closer…

  10. tigerbite22 says:

    This is by far one of the best I’ve heard. That’s my judgement and i was very deeply moved. Almost teared up

  11. Liliana Kohann says:

    Great everything: poem, message, filming, editing, PERFORMANCE, quality, etc. Yet, the greatest: PASSION! Makes me want to move to New York, just to hear you live.

  12. mushabooooooom says:

    wow, this hit me hard. so beautiful. though i believe it would be more powerful without the background music

  13. 1994Poetry says:


  14. Danielle Johnson says:

    this is absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

  15. waspcamaro says:

    This is probably the best video production of a poem i’ve seen.

  16. stmoller says:

    This has so much walt whitman to it. friggin awesome dude. blake school represent!

  17. thejohnnynobueno says:

    Mike, what is Stephen’s favorite song? We will go out for kareoke while you are in town and sing.

  18. Elizabeth K. Gordon says:

    Whitmanesque! We are not created or destroyed,
    we are constantly transferred, shifted and renewed.

  19. Deweez68 says:

    whadup boston

  20. Jeremy Childs says:

    Incredibly powerful. By the end of the video I was sobbing.

  21. BiblicalReference says:

    I can dig that – but take this piece for what it is. Everyone has a different perspective.

  22. TheStolenVision says:

    This is amazing.

  23. Theogenes123 says:

    Nice performance and pretty words. But the content is crap. When you die – you die. It is the end. No goosebumps, stage performance or warm little feeling inside will ever change that simple fact. Keep it real.

  24. vegfem89 says:

    Stunning. The goosebumps won’t stop.

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