{P90X2} – Inside Look At P90X 2!

trek2befit.com – P90X 2 is coming soon! Check out the above video to get an inside look at the next P90X, P90X2. After checking out the video, make sure to click the link below to get all of the details on this crazy, insane program by Tony Horton. P90X2 is going to BLOW P90X away! Make sure you are the FIRST to be notified one P90X 2 is out by going to the link below to get in line- trek2befit.com

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  1. herbaissimo says:

    So ? how is it going so far ?

  2. dmcv77 says:

    I feel like you probably answered this but which program, P90X or P90X2, is oriented more for muscle gain? I did a month of the first one until my brother took the discs so I’m wondering if I should continue with that or just move onto X2 if there’s not a huge difference? It’s been a solid 6 or 7 months since I’ve really worked out.

  3. pmcfarlin7 says:

    Honestly this one I like more but its geared towards athletic improvement then just working out and getting in shape. By that I’m saying you will be relying heavily on balance when lifting on the stability ball or chair or even medicine ball the workouts are more advance version of core synergistics so if you like that workout you have and idea what you will be doing. The plyo workout is more like a football practice style which for me I like because its based off dynamic speed movements.

  4. sorrowsong21 says:

    I have done p90x, the first one, and ave gotten great results. Tried p90 plus and honestly, it pales. Tried also Insanity, very tough cardio but not muscle oriented for a guy.. Is this like the first one as far as resistance or like the other ones

  5. KurtisBrudenell91 says:

    X2’s yoga is only one hour long

  6. SuperShogun87 says:

    Name of theme song please? anyone? :)

  7. SuperShogun87 says:

    Dislike bar is available only for those who r ready to quit from the start, im not ready for that , not yet ! =)
    I’m still doing p90x 1st version, shall i start with this one? btw im 2meters tall, tell me what should i do to raise muscle mass withouth having calories. thank you

  8. Qi Genisdom says:

    Coolp90x2 video,I had done with p90x2 and get my mass muscle,this summer many girls will be attracted by my ripped body shape HaHa.

  9. marklowryfan says:

    I loooveee p90x2!! Don’t tell me you can’t do it. I e got health issues and I’m doing it. This program will change your life!!!!!

    Bring it!!!!!! X2

  10. afamwl515 says:

    holy shit

  11. nikkitheduchess says:

    My SECOND day of P90X and I’m excited!

  12. Mr1200brian says:

    first day of P90x2 that is

  13. Mr1200brian says:

    Just did day 1 of it, I needed to throw up on the first 30 minutes.

  14. gunnernaut says:

    P90X2 is a lot different from P90X. IMO, it’s advanced, and you should definitely do P90X before attempting this.

  15. Isabel Ramirez says:

    p90x is AMAZING! I am super excited that p90x2! I wonder how much it is?

  16. ZipperProject says:

    Yes, don’t worry, I kind of improvised on the whole p90x diet and supplements. Creatine + Protein Powder did it for me…worked for me. After 3 months I was ‘beach ready’ to say the least haha.

  17. ZipperProject says:

    Burn Burn Burn!! Did the first program of P90x, worked for me, amazing results 😉 Part two looks even more intense!…wow….you have to be one tough guy to do this

  18. hjhrocks says:

    im a rock climber and i saw a review of this in a climbing mag. i think im gonna get it

  19. maxell769 says:

    You know Bring it, in Tony 2 ways of saying it is ether feel the burn.

  20. maxell769 says:

    I did P90X four 3 years LOL I did do a little bit of insanity kinda bored me.

  21. BethSimpler says:

    me too!! I start P90x2 6 weeks I am soo excited! Doing P90x to prep for it!!

  22. str8clipse says:

    I definitely agree! p90x is hard enough! p90x looks like a monster! (coming from a guy who made it to day 2!) 🙁 lol

  23. foroeste1 says:

    can i take whey protein powder for my main source of protein for p90x ?

  24. trek2befit says:

    Congrats buddy! You’re going to do awesome! Just do your best and forget the rest! 🙂 BRING IT!

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