Over 20 Next Level Marketing Tools 2013-Smash Solution Prelaunch

About Smash Solution apsense.cc The next Marketing Level 2013 with over 20 extraordinary,integrated next Gen Features Smash Solution is a breakthrough marketing maverick designed to be your one-stop shop for success. Revolutionary in design, this feature-rich system will transform even the novice marketing into a top gun talent. Boasting elements such as Next Gen contact management and task planning, to features such as social media management, search engine optimization and a video Virtual Assistant, Smash Solution is a free, full service professional tool set that will catapult your business from lackluster to blockbuster. Smash Solution is set to become one of the most powerful marketing suites on the market With over 20 different marketing tools this innovative newcomer to marketing will;- Maximise your on line presence Increase the effectiveness of your marketing results Decrease your time spent on marketing Decrease money you spend on marketing It’s also a great tool to give to existing & potential clients, who can advertise on the Smash Solution, which is set to be huge. In addition, earn money through an affiliate program as businesses pay for upgrades, training, & clicking on adverts.. Tools Included Video Email Campaign Manager Contact Manager Integrated Calendar SEO & Google Analytics Automated Personal Virtual Assistant On line Automated Training Campaign Manager Social Media Buzz Wall & Post Hub Automated Social Media Posting Ad Specials Hotlink Pay Per Click
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