Our Review of Facebook Ad Power

Our Review of Facebook Ad Power

Article by Manuela Wiertzens

Facebook Ad Power is an advertising course created by a successful marketer named Ryan Deiss. Ryan Deiss decided that online marketers needed a viable advertising alternative to Google Adwords, so he created Facebook Ad Power. The appealing thing about Facebook is that it’s one of the most highly trafficked sites on the internet, with millions of potential buyers, yet its advertising network is still relatively new and untaped. Since this course was only released a short while ago, it hasn’t been thoroughly tested, so it’s hard to give it a very accurate review. As is common with products of this kind, the majority of the reviews are written by affiliates and have their links inserted. We wanted to find out if this program measures up to its promises.

The average cost per click on Facebook is a lot lower than it is when you use Google. So your ppc campaign costs will be significantly cheaper at Facebook. Most marketers would walk from Adwords on the power of that one fact. There are some differences, so you’ll learn how to maximize your time and effort with Facebook Ad Power. Who doesn’t want to learn how to do that?

According to Ryan Heiss, the creator of Facebook Ad Power, the ads that you place on Facebook have a higher likelihood of converting than any ad that you would place in another advertising system (Google, we’re looking at you). Goes without saying that you will need to actually go through the course to extract the highest benefits. Some people don’t really pay complete attention, and only try half-heartedly, so avoid being like so you don’t fall flat. So if you’re new, then listen to the man because he has great experience. A great lessons for instance Google Affiliate X Review may transform your life business considerably.

After you try Facebook Ad Power, you may also want to become an affiliate for the program. So, in addition to teaching you a system of advertising, you are also getting a product to promote! You can make extra money with affiliate sales, along with any products of your own that you may want to promote.

You earn a commission whenever anyone purchases the Facebook Ad Power, as long as your affiliate link is used. Your affiliate link can be promoted any way you choose.

Being successful online has not been easy in quite a while, and it seems Google has drawn a bead on the independent online business marketer. Thankfully there are other ways to advertise your business. The various social media sites are excellent vehicles for targeted traffic generation. You can take advantage of Facebook Ad Power so you can take advantage of Facebook’s awesome power.

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