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Online Sales, PPC, SEO,

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This is all *insider* info. it has been a partly well-kept secret that Kiosk is re launching it’s hosting service, and wrapping in 3+ other services in SepNovember, under the GVO name. it is an all-in-one service that we might normally promote anyway : Kiosk Hosting, auto responder, easy Video Producer Video service, and Hot meeting. This is Filsaime’s, Cheney’s, Frank Bauer’s hosting provider ( and most of the major players ). Like before this could have a viral element, where the emphasis IS on the product, and NOT the possibility, HOWEVER there will be money to be made for anybody who gets in early. That is due to the 2×10 matrix, lots of potential residual. It only costs a dollar to enroll at this time to fasten in a place, here at the top, ( nice for a change, eh? To be in at the onset of one of these? ) ************************************************************************************ I already had in residual profits from ONE day BEFORE I even promoted because I got in at the top! *********************************************************************************** If you get in under me, you will get great spillover from Todd Gross, Mark and Joel and ME! Filsaime, Chia and the others will promote in October but only two others got early links in June, and now two chums of MINE, Mark and Ken have been employed by GVO’s Joel Therien. Mark and Ken and Joel ( and his partner Mike ) they have got us in’at the top’, and placed us strategically in an ideal position. This is kind of like insider trading but it IS legal. Even if you are using Kiosk now, it is commended you join with this link to secure placement near the head of this launch. ( email me if that’s the case so I will hook you up with Mark ) ************************************************************************************ This offer is as straightforward as it becomes. Join my downline for only today, try it out and see whether it doesn’t change your life. ************************************************************************************ Like Kiosk, it is expected that people who sign up will have a very long longevity with this system. When you promote it, and get sign-ups of people that want the family of services, they’re actually locked down for a good long while, excellent for residuals. Imagine if your subscribers were on this plan… How many would quit if they’d their leads in the auto responder and all of their websites on the server? Few. Right place right time. There has already been’spillover’ in just the few hours this has been around. If you do not know what spillover is, use your imagination, it is just what it sounds like ( top down ). Todd Gross, Ken Reno, Odinn Sorenson, Steve Yakim, Micheal Savoie, Jeff Davis, Mark Lareau, Keith Carberry,and so many brilliant marketers have just signed on in the past few hours. Again, here is the’literal’ insider link to secure your place, you are going to be able to see your downline grow before this even launches. ************************************************************************************ In the event you are not quite ready to start an hosting/MLM business but still need cheap hosting, here is a link to my hosting packages. You may notice that they’re very affordable. If you enroll in any of my hosting plans and mention this ad, I will send you – Unleash the Power of Twitter and WordPress to Multiply the Traffic to your Blog & Twitter page? ************************************************************************************ Enjoy Here’s the link : Unique Unique Opportunity Wilson Cowden .

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