On We March (HD) – From the Soundtrack to “The Social Network”

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  1. doodman73 says:

    trent got a masters degree in music which is a 7 year course in 4 years….i think it shows.

  2. missimanful says:

    “You’re already leaving?”
    “YES! … and also I’m breaking up with you!”

  3. Mantooth901 says:

    bum bum bum bum bum bum bah bah bah bum bum BAH BAH bum bum Bum Bum BUM BUM

  4. JaxRwld says:

    Silicon Valley SLUTS!

  5. Upickalot says:

    “Eduardo, I said I have good news.. what is it? Sean is reincorporating the company they’re reincorporating the business, they wanna meet you and everyone else, so you need to get your ass on the first flight back to L.A…. I’m on my way.. Eduardo.. yes? we did it”.

  6. CuriousGeorgeMonkey9 says:

    It’s scarf burnin’ time!

  7. TheHerbSaint says:

    Leave good, informative comments or your opinions on the music. Say something that adds 2 the discussion. I like 2 argue in person, not in text to a keyboard & screen

  8. mistyhead1 says:

    @ebee225 i agree completely….it’s ridiculous that people argue over the stupidest stuff…

  9. komunista94 says:

    Who gives a shit about who likes and doesn’t like this? I like this. Period. Now go out there and troll some other vids just to sound intelligent arguing about a pointless case: preference.

  10. BenSteedOfficial says:

    @ebee225 I like your thinking.

  11. Amberle61976 says:

    @ty2 if it helps I agree with you, I personally find TSN’s soundtrack to be rubbish…but then, not my style of “music” (if one can actually call most of it that).

  12. ebee225 says:

    why can’t we all just get along?
    both soundtracks are great!
    i bet there are a lot of factors that go into determining which is the winner.
    it is not a life and death matter, so stop arguing about it…no one is dying

  13. ty2 says:

    I am talking about the score. I am not talking about the movie. Why can you all just not take what I am saying at face value? It is my honest opinion. I think the score sucks. It is not original. It is not creative. It is not even good music. This sound reminds me of some of the stuff that was going on in the 80s. Which means it has been done before, but mainly in the pop music industry and not film score. It is really pretty lame. I don’t understand why it has so much hype surrounding it.

  14. PAPERSCHOOL says:

    @ty2 i am assuming you spewed all that crap because you thought it would make you sound intelligent and make you sound like you know the film industry like the back of you hand, but how is a film about facebook unoriginal, i mean if they made a film about twitter after this one then that can word can be used to ,but as its the first film made on this topic i think its safe to call it somewhat original.

    Btw inception was kick ass and should have won more awards but im sticking with my guns.

  15. ty2 says:

    @JordMcDrummer Do you want to argue about the variety in Zimmer’s scores? He is very original a great deal of the time. We could talk about the difference between Rain Man, Thin Red Line, Lion King, Gladiator, Da Vinci Code and Inception. Huge differences. Wow!

  16. JordMcDrummer says:

    @ty2 Unoriginal my ass. Hans’ soundtacks sound the fucking same! At least Trent has variety.

  17. TheWiseGuy784 says:

    The main beat for this song really does kind of sound like a marching theme.

  18. DasWeisseBand says:

    @ty2 YEAH RIGHT, are you crazy?!??!?!

  19. DasWeisseBand says:

    @pilotkevin24 oscars an’ golden globes are a private US club, it’s not a film festival, it’s a two hour long TV show, that’s all the oscars are. I loved social network, and know for a fact that they will win best original score, best adapted screenplay, and best direction at least. and possibly best editing. THIS MOVIE IS GREAT AND IT’S GOING TO WIN BECAUSE IS THE BEST THAT THE OSCARS HAVE TO OFFER. the oscars are going from down to worse, i mean, “AVATAR” (that shit was jus’ fockin’ ridiculous)

  20. pilotkevin24 says:

    @ty2, you should watch ‘Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and David Fincher on the Score.” Disc two of the DVD set and you will see the true beauty that this music is and how incredible they are. I don’t disagree that Inception is a great movie, but so many facets of TSN are way better, one being the music. People aren’t given Golden Globes for no reason. Possibly an Oscar in the future too.

  21. ty2 says:

    With everything that is out their this year how does this unoriginal formulaic looped crap win a Golden Globe. I cannot believe what we have all come to. One of the most brilliant movies of the last 10-20 years went unrecognized last night as well. (Inception)

  22. DeadpoolxFlash says:

    put trent and atticus together and they’ll make you fall in love with where ever their music lands

  23. minamu8 says:

    Let Me Guess…This Was Playing When Mark And Eduardo were arguing on the phone? Yes, I saw the movie.

  24. Basisforstace says:

    Omfg im so in love wi th this

  25. o0IproofoflifeI0o says:

    Love it too!! Has a similar feel to Fight Club… Another masterpiece by Fincher…

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