No matter who you are, don’t take offense to this video. I’m just trying to relate to the kids that have annoying older relatives on Facebook. I’m just being honest about it. ­čÖé Second Channel: www.youtube.com Merch: bit.ly Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com wtffilmsftw wtf films ftw wtffilmsftw2 old people on facebook toby turner gabuscus gabe hohreiter gonzossm cartoon funny comedy halloween dead island video games first person shooter me gusta face falcon kick using it hot girls arent related lol lolz funny hilarious comedy vlog video log blog spoof parody in real life reality irl 25 things hate about face book song tune music rap hip humor twitter the social network networking sites myspace youtube speech commentary vocal interview talking random hack

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  1. o4cryininnabucket says:

    “Accept the fact that I’m a creep when I grow up?” Accept the fact that´╗┐ you’re a little creepy now, kid.

  2. konummer2 says:

    im viewer number 95.000´╗┐

  3. peter12finn says:

    FAG. y do you even´╗┐ bother?

  4. Johnnyis31RS says:

    Old people use facebook right… they reconnect with lost friends and talk to people they haven’t talked to in years. Teenagers use it as in addiction and post stupid statuses´╗┐ every minute…P.S. I am a teenager

  5. crazychicken199 says:

    but teneagers are,stupid on facebook´╗┐ they alwats talk shit go out play outside iam a tenager

  6. Karnage515 says:

    in no´╗┐ way does he impersonate him.

  7. stevelevy1989 says:

    A´╗┐ tobuscus impersonator?

  8. BRm2008 says:

    U young punk Who do think´╗┐ u fucking are?

  9. KimKilledPacho says:

    You know Facebook was originally exclusive to college students, and high school kids couldn’t access it,´╗┐ right? So those college students kept using it after college, and little shitty middle/high school kids were allowed access and spew their worthless, grammatically incorrect bile all over Facebook, turning it into the new Myspace. Don’t be such a tool.

  10. barksydephil says:

    Creepy,but one´╗┐ day you’ll be old and still be using facebook.

  11. DrapeauRyan says:

    I actually looked up ‘Old peole obsessed with facebook’ to see if anyone agrees with me,It’s everywhere.On news,in public,it’s just´╗┐ annoying.And not just old people,even all the people who are obsessed with it,Who are always ‘leik mi statuss’ and update their wall ever 30 minutes on worthless posts or pictures that have no reason to be taken,Like if someones at McDonalds,they just randomly take a picture of the Employee handbook or something even more random…

  12. sweettart312 says:


  13. kzaciswan says:

    “TOBUSCUS ANIMATED ADVENTURES toby turner gabuscus gabe hohreiter gonzossm cartoon funny comedy halloween dead´╗┐ island video games first person shooter me gusta face falcon kick using it hot girls arent related”
    these tags brought me here. Why are they even there?

  14. MrImmobile says:

    ahhhh ur still a child.I thought you were a young teenager. I do apologise for having a go then.I think kids ur age should only be allowed free use of the net if they exhibit maturity.You are too immature to have your own channel.I hope your parents keep a good eye on you.Theyre are alot of sick people out there and no they are not likely those old age´╗┐ pentioners you were picking on.They could be any age, even teenage. Who knows.Anyway you will be old one day. So be nice. ­čśë

  15. destroywebkinz says:

    im´╗┐ not 9 im almost 12

  16. MrImmobile says:

    there is this girl on youtube who pretty much is a boy and she is obsessed with old people. One day she will be one if she is lucky i wonder if she will be´╗┐ disgusted at herself. I hope so because she lacks the respect she should have. I guess she hasnt lived much and has a mentally young mind. Or maybe she is actually nine yrs old. who knows, old people use the internet and equally so do little immature kids…

  17. destroywebkinz says:

    there is this guy on youtube named edwarde tarte and he is 77´╗┐ EWWWWWWW

  18. CrazyEpicReviews says:

    Is it just me or does this kid look like demetri Martin?´╗┐

  19. Averagejoe644 says:

    How arrogant. How do young people think they have a monopoly on every new media that comes´╗┐ out?

  20. GingaK95 says:

    This guy needs to wash his fucking´╗┐ hair

  21. GingaK95 says:

    @Glitchandcheats ..sad´╗┐ enit

  22. evilstephen902 says:

    Flagging´╗┐ disabled because of his tag spamming.

  23. sjofu says:

    Facebook´╗┐ is lame,PERIOD!

  24. Xbox360GamingBeast says:

    I hate the haters in all these´╗┐ comments

  25. northplattecpl says:

    Thats not a green screen. Its a green sheet. Facebook wasn’t designed for teenie boppers to´╗┐ see who’s dating who. This is my first video I have seen of yours. And definitely my last

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