OK, why did I join Global Resorts Network?

OK, why did I join Global Resorts Network?

Article by Ray Briant

Let me share with you why I decided to join the Global Resorts Network, and my reasons might surprise you.

There are a lot of various ways to generate income online. Some are lessappealing and I did not even consider any of the “Make money overnight, while you sleep on your coach” type of offers.

Rather than chasing my tail, I decided to see WHO was in the business.

So, I have decided to join forces with Mark Hoverson, Jay Brown and Adam Holland.

My decision to join Global Resorts Network (GRN) was not based on the 1,000 Dollar commision checks but influenced by the people who I will be directly working with!

For those of you who don’t know the people I just named… let me giveyou a quick rundown of my online soldiers and provide some comical one liner of theirstrengths.

Mr Mark Hoverson – Mark is a linquistic jedi master, ad copy genius, motivationalspeaker extraordinaire, and oh yea, he is also a 7 figure income earner.Trust me… he whistles Dixe when driving to the bank and has some of the largest checks in the business and is livingevery entrepreneur dream and has the freedom we all desire.Strengths – Ability to read your mind!.

Adam Holland – Adam is an extremely talented internet marketer who knows how toautomate his income. Adam is the creator of internet products (PPV Prodidgy,Personal Branding Blueprint just to name a few) His mission is to become a 7figure income earner in 2011 and now is the time to catch his draft and beand learn how to succeed online.Strengths – Can build an exact replica of you!.

Jay Brown – Known in the business as “The Bulldog Marketer”, and let me tell youfirst hand he lives up to his name. Jay, I mean, The Bulldog Marketer isrelentless in his online and offline marketing and knows how to whip up onsocial media. Jay is also nocturnal and can often be found working leads forhis team on facebook at 3am. ;)Strengths – Knock Out Social Media Power.

and the best for last… 😉

Ray Briant – According to Mark Hoverson, “I AM THE MAN!”, according to AdamHolland, my personal branding funnel techniques “ROCKS!” and according toJay Brown, “I AM GONNA KICK ASS” in Global Resorts Network. As you can see, itis quite possibly… the perfect team to join.Strengths – Ability to extract your talents

Let me offer you some incentives too.

So, here is my truly unbelievable offer that I am only making available to whatI am calling the “Lucky 7”. My Lucky 7 people will not only get one on one timewith me and personal access to my expert level internet knowledge, videomarketing tactics, step by step sales funnel creation and the latest trafficboosting strategies. But, will also receive the following hit the roadsprinting, take action bonuses:

Free copy of my Internet Command System, Special Report.(39.99 Value)Free copies of the Explosive Marketing Video Series (149.00 Value)Extremely customized personal sales funnel allowing the most qualified andready to take action people to contact you. (497.00 Value)Creation of highly converting landing page (97.00 Value)A completely turnkey boot camp system (300.00 Value)Establishment of your own personal video funnel (97.00 Value)3 Free Months in Hoverson’s My Global Training Coaching Course (297.00 Value)Plus the first one to join receives Mark’s Solomon CEO Course (497.00 Value)50 Dollar American Express Gift Card. My early Christmas present to you!

More information about the bonuses will be shown on the link below…

If you are interested in taking advantage of this incredible offer,all you need to do is fill out my application.

I look forward to working with you soon!



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Ray Briant is a Firefighter and one of the newest members of the Global Resorts Network family.

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