Offshore Recruitment Agencies: Benefits to Clients and Candidates

Offshore Recruitment Agencies: Benefits to Clients and Candidates

Article by Alan Moore

When thinking about the term “offshore recruitment agencies”, two things probably come to mind: those recruiters, who recruit for offshore, maritime, and oilfield jobs, and those recruitment agencies that are located overseas but recruit for jobs in the US. Depending on whether a candidate wants to be employed overseas or offshore, or if a company wants to hire an agency to recruit for them from an overseas location, offshore recruitment agencies can be found with an internet search.

The first type of offshore recruitment agencies is the type that recruits for jobs that are either overseas or offshore. These offshore jobs are generally in the oil industry or maritime industry. Jobs like these would include oil drillers or ship crewmen. The best way to find this type of recruiter is to use an internet search company that can put a candidate in contact with individual offshore recruiters depending on what type of job the candidate wants. These search companies also offer important information about visas needed for offshore jobs in overseas waters, as well as offering resume editing services.

The second type of offshore recruitment agencies is the literal offshore recruiter. Offshore recruiters are often located in countries like India where labor or services can be purchased inexpensively. Companies in the United States will often hire offshore recruitment agencies to go through candidate applications to find appropriate candidates for job vacancies. These candidates’ r

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