Offline Arbitrage – Google To Die By Offline Arbitrage

Offline Arbitrage – Google To Die By Offline Arbitrage

Article by Harrison A Lucas

Birmingham, 4th February UK — Offline Arbitrage by Internet marketing expert Ryan Deiss whom has bought out a product that is going to get your website loads of traffic using offline. This then, will not be a PPC, SEO, CPA etc etc etc product but one that actually every Job Blogs can do.

Well, if it is so good why is he selling the idea. Why would anyone want to sell a product for if it has been this long kept secret for years. Well, I don’t know, and I don’t care to know. I believe that with all the hype out there about Google closing down kosher business owners PPC accounts. Google is anal about the “User Experience” and frankly it sounds that the general business owner is getting prettying cheesed off it.

No new comer to the Internet world, Ryan Deiss is well known for lots of IM products, the most recent being MobileLocal Fusion. Mobile Local Fusion is a product that many have claimed is the saviour to local business’s world wide. I have to agree it is full of so much information on how a small business can get their google places listing on the MAP. Who wouldn’t want this.

This new product is selling off the shelves like nobody’s business. I don’t know why, and can only put it down to the Google Haters out there.

Ryan has spent many years in the Internet marketing industry as a consultant for top corporations all over the world. Ryan was asked “Why this product? Why now?”, well he replied “Why not this product, why not now? Now is exactly the time that this economy needs such a product for lead generation, whether it assist online, offline, retail or e-tail.”

Considering all we hear now a days is Google this, Internet that this is a breath of fresh air.

Harrison A Lucas for imtoday.com, on Offline Arbitrage

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