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  1. GeneralArgument says:

    Yes, but if feminists say that women are equal to men, then they should not be weaker – they should be the same, and so, there’s no reason for men to treat them extra carefully.
    Also, women had more rights than is often given credit for; they weren’t allowed to vote, true, but they were still allowed to go out, go shopping, stay at home, and work – even if most women did not take that opportunity.
    As a last point, to Weaver; isn’t call men arrogant prejuidiced? Also, don’t women like having big-

  2. Dragon Weaver says:

    Men aren’t always the ones facing rejection. Girls ask guys out too. It’s just that, men tend to be more arrogant and make the first move. Stereotypes play a pretty big part too.
    And as for the part about “body parts”, well, men are always working out, maybe to keep healthy, but also partly because they want to show off their muscles. They believe it is more attractive to girls, and they have a lesser chance of rejection.(back to the who makes the first move part)

  3. Lipgloss2581 says:

    Yeah, and they keep it covered don’t they? Congrats. You just proved my point.

  4. Morgan Thomas says:

    Opening doors is just a nice gesture!I don’t know if it is my area or something, but people are always opening doors for other (even gurlz omg rite).Look, equality doesn’t have to deal with traditions.It deals with respect, stereotyping, and lower pay (because I have to pay for all of the gorgeous going up in my face)(No I don’t, I am a natural)(but there are a lot of ladies who pay mucho denero for beauty). We are paid less, but expected to look like fairy princesses.Double Standards are gross.

  5. iLikeTakumiKun says:

    I know girls are not weaker. That is definitely a fact. They were just thought to be weaker in the old days, so people were more polite to them in general then they were to men. But nowadays we can celebrate the fact that girls are just as strong as men, and sometimes even stronger! :3

  6. Morgan Thomas says:

    Girls are not weaker. We have strengths in other fields. The last things Ladies want is a pity party. Also stereotyping is a no no, because there are a lot of girls who are physically stronger then most men (look up female rugby players dude). WE ARE IN NO WAYS WEAK! BRA! < I called you a bra, because I wear one.

  7. tyrkishprincess92 says:

    Your so cute ryan 😛

  8. kinemariesteinslanfu says:

    You should come to norway, Girls here are not so offended by guys, they show there tits, and are more interested in sex then the guys ^^ I love Norwegian Girls 😀

  9. Dwight Jones says:

    Do Chinese still eat dogs? I’ve seen in many Chinese restuarants where they serve dogs on my travels there

  10. Iforgot1479 says:

    Men do have an extra part. It’s called a penis

  11. jessica little says:

    LOL… YOU want a STRATE tom boy. I asked out my husban 10 years ago. (What do  my 69 El Camino & Husban share) MY ASS!!!

  12. Chris Carthum says:

    U posted this on my b-day

  13. justice eggleston says:

    omg, LONG TOP COMMENTS!!!!

  14. XgamingrulesX says:

    I know it’s unfair, however humans are evolved so that males are the domenet and competitive ones who have to impress the females who are the choosy ones. So men have to respect women, however i do agree with you but to be fair women have so much harder lives.

  15. HufflepuffShortie says:

    Dude I think it’s awesome that you have a slenderman photo, yet sound incredibly smart…way to pown that guy!

  16. RealKimto says:

    Then it’s the one not ment to be charged. Theres 2 controllers, 1 ment to be charged and 1 that has batteries u can switch and if you try charge the one with removeable batteries u can play with it but only the controller gains electrisity, not the batteries

  17. Rex1234ify says:

    My Xbox controller doesn’t require the batteries, or the case to be on there when it’s pluged in.

  18. kayashimaa says:

    I cant stop laughing!hahahaahah

  19. RealKimto says:

    It’s not a computer battery, the power goes directly from the plug to the battery on XBox. Btw it would glow if it was working. It’s suppost to be kinda an easter egg, like at the things that ruins thanksgiving when the lady gets salt on the food and in the scene some secs later she does it with bieber doll.

  20. Zauriel Mooncat says:

    Stop looking vids on your cell/Idopoo/laptop/pc/mac/tablet and go back to you anatomy class young one!

  21. Jimmy Mjeshtri says:

    and if you want to be totally equal, guys should have their period and get pregnant .so yeah i would like to be treated like a dude

  22. william francone says:

    I agree

  23. idzdni says:

    Everyone here is making it sound like all girls are like this. I don’t think either side should hit the other. But there are equality spoken by men how women should play video games with men etc. But why can’t it be that if a girl wants to go shopping, she will go, and a boy will play video games. Why does everything have to be done together… And why are you all so mean and hopeless..

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  25. Opatrovat says:

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