Nutritionist Laura Vikmanis Shares Enjoy The Sweet Sixteen

Nutritionist Laura Vikmanis Shares Enjoy The Sweet Sixteen

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Every day my clients and I discuss strategies for losing, maintaining weight and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. So, I thought I would compile a list of the top “Sweet Sixteen” things people do and share them with you! I am a Registered Dietitian and I run a weight loss program in a doctor’s office. When I counsel my clients each week, even though their goal is to lose weight, the MAIN goal is to shape their behaviors so they can maintain their weight loss long-term. Below is the “Sweet Sixteen” things most successful weight-loss clients to do maintain their new weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy!

1) Keep a Food Diary. A food diary has time and time again been the BEST way to lose weight or keep your weight in check. Why? Because if makes you AWARE of where your calories are coming from and HOW MUCH you have consumed. Many of us remember the “meals” we ate, but forget about all the “snacking and grabbing”. Keeping a food diary can help you keep track of all the insignificant, extra calories you are eating that may be hindering you from losing or maintaining your weight.

2) Eat your Calories, don’t drink them. When you keep a food diary, you will be writing down all the food you are consuming. But don’t forget about the caloric beverages you are drinking! Track how many regular sodas, flavored coffees, energy drinks, juices, milk, flavored water alcohol and other beverages you are drinking. You may be amazed how easily these calories add up!

3) Drink 8, eight ounce glasses of Water a day. Speaking of liquids…WATER is the BEST liquid of all! Water is calorie free! Drinking 8, eight ounce glasses of water every day will help to keep you fuller between meals, keep your skin healthy, keep your metabolism running smoothly and help your GI system running smoothly. Try drinking a glass of water every two hours or so to be sure you are getting all the needed fluid your body needs. And, next time you feel a hunger pain, drink an 8-ounce glass of water first and see if you were just thirsty.

4) Get your Rest. People who are well rested have an easier time maintaining their weight. When you are tired, your will power and discipline is lessoned. You will be more than likely to eat something to help try and keep yourself awake during the day or to try and spike your energy. This can add up to extra calories your body doesn’t need.

5) Exercise most days of the week. People who exercise regularly make better food choices and keep their calories in control.

6) Eat on a Smaller Plate. Eating on a small plate tricks your mind into thinking your plate is full.

7) Always leave food on your plate. This will help put YOU in control instead of the food controlling you.

8) Think Protein first. Protein at each meal will help you stay fuller longer. It also lessens the chance of cravings later in the day.

9) SLOW down when you eat. Eating slowly will help you to consume less overall calories at each meal. You need to give your body a chance to realize you are consuming food and to tell you when your body is not hungry any longer.

10) Stop eating BEFORE you are full. Stopping just short of feeling full will help you to not overeat. Feeling too full means your body has probably consumed too many calories at one time. Try stopping just before you feel full or at the first signs of feeling full. You will eat a lot less food.

11) Five a day of Vegetable and Fruit. Eating 5 servings of vegetables and fruit each day instead of high sugar, fat and calorie foods each day will help you control your overall daily caloric intake.

12) Consume whole-grains instead of white grains. Eating whole-grains, like whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole-grain pasta, etc. will help you consume more fiber and nutrients than their white grain counterparts. Plus, the added grain will taste better too!

13) Eat plenty of Fiber. Eating between 25-35 grams of fiber each day will help keep your GI tract in tip-top shape and will help you feel fuller longer.

14) Don’t be afraid of Fat. Eating too much fat is not a good thing, but eating a little bit is ok. Vegetable fats such as canola oil, spreadable vegetable margarines and nut oils are best. Just keep the portion in control or the calories can get out of hand.

15) Take a day off. When people are losing weight, they are very motivated in the beginning. Usually they have an exercise regimen in place and after awhile they get burned out. To keep burn out from happening, plan regularly scheduled days off.

16) Last but not least…..Be CONSISTENT. We all have our good days and bad days, but overall try and be consistent with your healthy lifestyle. Eating well one day and then totally blowing it the next day will drive you crazy and will hinder your weight control efforts. Just try and eat well and exercise MOST of the time. Be patient and your consistency will end up creating the path to a healthy body and mind.

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