[Notice] 공식 팬클럽 HOTTEST 4기 모집 (Recruiting 4th HOTTEST)

[Notice] 공식 팬클럽 HOTTEST 4기 모집 (Recruiting 4th HOTTEST) 2PM 공식 팬클럽 * 2PM Official Fan Club Please visit 2PM Official Fan Cafe for more information. 2pm.jype.com cafe.daum.net www.facebook.com twitter.com Copyrights 2012 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Bianca Soto says:


  2. NadSalvatore says:

    Nichkhun so adorable :*

  3. knh10244 says:

    ♥i love U 2pm ♥♥♥

  4. mylove2pm2pm says:

    you are so cute!!!!!!!!!!

  5. youfreakmeout says:

    the one they are referring to is their real cafe but i don’t think international hottests can join this time around 🙁

  6. LeQuynhN says:

    They are too cute together…

  7. ackandamk says:

    WTF sheishmong. Don’t say negative words to my taec. He really matches with his new hair. Actually, he is good looking whatever his hair style is 🙂

  8. sheishmong says:

    Taec, WTF did you do with your hair??!!

  9. Sunsica8 says:

    Vote for 2pm here, they’re losing 😐
    (if link doesn’t work, just go to popdust.com & click on the big picture)

  10. Zink167 says:

    2PM! I WANT A COMEBACK NOW !!! it’s december now and i’m here tired of waiting for your comeback…

  11. lAila gHah says:

    nado saranghae~ <3

  12. monkiifejs says:

    Khunnie… looks like a child among sexy beasts. *w*

  13. samsam mascara says:

    i love you too 2pm <3

  14. Allstar1273 says:

    Long time no see (hee hee dream high)

  15. Cutie2r says:

    So like, all of my favorite kpop idols are going to Shanghai when I can’t go…I usually visit Shanghai like every summer. -.-

  16. JMZK406 says:

    and we will be staying here. Lol

  17. yoojung489 says:


  18. Chin Ly says:

    Jun.K you are being too touching with Wooyoung & you are killing the atmosphere!!

  19. monie0627 says:

    Maybe because they are both closer to the camera so that’s why they appeared to be taller.

  20. Lin Gam says:

    I thought Nichkhun, Taecyeon, and Chansung are about the same height…Did Taecyeon and Chansung grew or what?

  21. fatin2496 says:

    Nichkhun wasn’t able to look straight into the camera.

  22. billiejeanxs says:

    has chansung grown taller?seem taller than taec

  23. Mắm Tr. says:

    Omg my Nichkhun <3

  24. Huslen Jx says:


  25. seulong1987 says:

    대박 오랜만이에요!! 앨범은 언제 나와요!!!!

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