Not Google+: The First Antisocial Network [PARODY VIDEO]

Do you feel like there’s simply too many social networks you have to manage? You aren’t alone. On the heels of Google opening Google+ to the public, the people over at College Humor decided to create their own social network: Not Google+. Joining Not Google+ is simple: “Don’t join Google+.” The next step is simple as well. “Once you’ve done that, don’t invite your friends to join Google+.” While College Humor picks on Google for the entire two minute video, it does make a good point: do we really need another social network? Google seems to think so. College Humor thinks you should play tetherball with a small Portuguese child instead. Let us know what you think of the phenomenon of social networking overload in the comments. Meanwhile relax and listen some music! www.winamq.com Original location of this video – http
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  1. TheCJD89 says:

    I +1’d this.

  2. iancucornel says:

    @oldoneeye or by Google, it’s reverse physiology (Reverse psychology is a technique involving the advocacy of a belief or behavior that is opposite to the one desired, with the expectation that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what actually is desired: the opposite of what is suggested. (source: Wikipedia)

  3. SuniteLauchande says:

    Join Google+

  4. crimekat says:

    I have gotten so sick of Facebook. Now that they are going to be changing things so often, I do not think that you will be able to find anything anymore. I am glad I switched to Google +. Way to go Facebook for giving Google + free advertising.

  5. TScorporations says:

    Google+ is 10 X more secure, and better then Facebook…

  6. FeelItRising says:

    Face book is bad on privacy……so everyone move to google+????? fools

  7. tongofication says:

    Yeah, I think some people are a little obsessed with social networking sites. I use facebook pretty much to keep in touch with friends I don’t go to school with anymore, and make stupid jokes. It seems like some people are ALWAYS on there… It’s silly

  8. thebnjshow1 says:

    I’m using NOT google plus. I use Facebook to talk with my friends I had to move away from… Thats it

  9. mmartinianoo says:

    im on google plus very fAST

  10. lanjian45 says:

    It is a good ad for Google+, Go Google+ Go!

  11. xHenri says:

    Lol google buzz… what a failure

  12. G1r3D says:

    Subliminal advertisement! >:D

    now 1460 New users joined Google+ xD

  13. jasonthehumanist says:

    This video will get 1000’s of hits in the next 24 hrs or I’m joining google+… twice

  14. OChristFollower says:

    Im going to 1+ this just in spite of the video

  15. clingon2k says:

    I just posted this to my Google Plus stream

  16. clingon2k says:

    lol I got here via Google news

  17. lanjian45 says:

    Don’t forget to pay tax when you receive checks from Facebook.

  18. ahmed2597 says:

    Thumps up if you have decided NOT to join Google+ after watching this video.

  19. oldoneeye says:

    This video was paid for by Facebook, please keep using our new version of facebook while we get the next 3 updates ready for your use

  20. Kirdenblack says:

    Google will win the SN war! And there will be only one! Facebook is buggy! And what and who the´╗┐ hell are these? h**p://profile.ak.fbcdn. net/img h**p://profile.ak.fbcdn. net/hprofile-ak-sf2p/hs627.snc666/ h**p://profile.ak.fbcdn. net/hprofile-ak-666/ Notice the “666”

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