Nokia N8 Special Effects promo [720p HD]

The new Nokia N8 touch screen phone with HD video combines fully integrated social networking, a 12 MP camera, Web TV, Ovi Maps, and a whole host of personalization options. More : europe.nokia.com FOR MORE VIDEOS IN HD PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL !
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. pointman4000 says:

    >12MP camera
    >HD video recording
    >640×360 screen

    One of these things doesn’t belong, one of these things is shit.

  2. ahmedjmsmmscom says:

    Dude we in 2012
    Android is the greatest

  3. MrZzz125 says:

    ae gal hoi na baba ggggggggggg 😉

  4. centcent1999 says:

    i have nokia n8 green

  5. mufaz musthafa says:

    i love my N8

  6. NorthKosovo Wild says:

    I have the phone and i like but wtf OVI WHAT DOEST you have to meny openning windows when i try to openn eny app so omf…bit i love the phone 😀

  7. Ghost141MW says:

    I love Nokias but gaming still sucks
    Playing Golf even looked better on my hated ipod 3rd gen.
    I hope they´ll improve it and give us some better apps

  8. Allan Espanto says:

    good hardware great camera BUT bad software, bad os, and the rest are all bad

  9. chenzhe1990 says:

    this should be an official ad for N8~:S
    freaking wicked…

  10. TheForeverappLe says:

    this is epic, i love my N8!

  11. Antonio Pontedeiro Neto says:

    richard hammond…

  12. 777espiu says:

    The Temper Trap – Science Of Fear Herve Dubstep Remix

  13. alex67434 says:

    I watch this in my N8

  14. oswaldovenezuela says:

    Es mi 6to telefono con la famosa marca Finlandesa NOKIA y el 2do que tengo de la serie N y de verdad que es lo maximo. NOKIA Connecting People.

  15. Shivam096 says:

    N qwerty keypad lso….. :)

  16. Mushhood Khan says:


  17. Radu Lupu says:

    Scratch-resistant is not equal to scratch-proof. Scratch-resistant means it can be scratched , but not as easy as a normal phone with a plastic case or metal case (see the back cover on the iphone). Scratch-proof means it won’t get scratched whatever you try.

  18. beardy5632 says:

    Who is the guy that did this review, I’m just sure I recognise him :S

  19. Mollendiino says:

    mucha propagando y poco equipo

  20. SAS712 says:

    Thanks for the review, the phone looks impressive for sure, but I have a couple of questions:

    1. I have heard the software is holding the phone back. Did the software upgrade make any difference?

    2. The lens is impressive too, but it would accumulate dust over time since it does not come with a cover. Is the lens scratch resistant in any way?


  21. Bartosz Cichowicz says:

    Great telephone, but nokia is dying unfortunately. It was great company but they sleep away smart-phone time. I was big nokia fan , I had always nokia phones but now i’m going to buy motorola atrix. RIP Nokia, microsoft killing you slowly 🙁

  22. starbreez3 says:

    I basically got into the phone by the end, when the colour variations were shown.

  23. MrEagle912 says:

    Superb Man!!! Thre is a new Nokia phone 808 PureView i would say that it is succsedor of nokia n8 cuz it has 41 mp camera!!!!!!!! and it costs 450 euros

  24. TheBrothaHoodofRok says:

    Best N8 promotion ever!!! Awesome work!

  25. lasarousi says:

    on thing: official belle release. nuff said.

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