nknwn – 13

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  1. Naveed Etemadipour says:

    @draken3314 it’s a UKGarage trademark!

  2. Daniel Thompson says:

    also the chopped and screwed thing.

  3. Floggermexiico says:


  4. turkurdurrrg says:

    Not a fan of this. I dunno why, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

  5. Daniel Thompson says:

    It makes everything sound all RandB when they do it. Most the time though it is samples of girls that they just drop the pitch on.

  6. Susan Watkins says:

    This is magic.

  7. Ej1djknew09 says:

    Eton messy discovered a new genre

  8. EdsCamera says:

    oh yeah I have that! love that tune!

  9. slugabedmiz says:

    if you caught the download limit could anyone reupload the track on mediafire? feel like i’ve just missed out on a party

  10. Marcin Smaga says:

    LOL Two Inch Punch – Luv Luv

  11. Juan Moon says:

    Its just a chopped and screwed effect picked up from EDM from the whole Chopped & Screwed sound of the South.

  12. Milda Nae says:

    maybe cause it sounds similar to sbtrkt? just my opinion

  13. seanbharper says:

    very much enjoyed this

  14. aboudapf says:


  15. Etonmessy says:

    This ones a female vocal. I dunno why but it just sounds good I think.

  16. Etonmessy says:

    George Fitzgerald remix of groove theory tell me ;)

  17. EdsCamera says:

    Swear I’ve heard those vocals before!

  18. draken3314 says:

    Why is it that there is always a low-key male voice in several of these uploads? Am I missing something?

  19. Artsiest says:


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