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  1. CJthePLAYA says:

    mhm, misty is obv a bigger barb than a lil monster.

  2. Roxanne Venice says:

    So you are calling someone dumb when you can’t even spell the word.

  3. hhelms456 says:

    love u nicki

  4. Dantedangelo231 says:

    But she takes her phone everywhere she goes. How hard is it to send out a tweet? It takes like one minute to type and send it out. She could at least let us know how she’s been doing since surgery is done. Just saying!

  5. Taylor Wisenburg says:


  6. Victor Robov says:

    Ye its from she was in Bulgaria i also went backstage 😀

  7. BZ142 says:

    only xame cause she gotta fat ass

  8. zazaery123 says:

    Nicki the queen
    the Harajuku barbie

  9. Andy Noah Alexander Hernandez says:

    you MONSTERS are over exaggerating

  10. TheFreshspidey says:

    gaga isn’t tweeting for a reason and she hasn’t been interacting as much in general bc of touring and shit

  11. Pedro Aragon says:

    thank you!

  12. Farah Alchouli says:

    I think nicki is really a good person inside out even though some people don’t appreciate her style , mariah is seriously annoying and I wouldn’t blame Nicki for standing up for herself

  13. christos184 says:

    the fact that u make videos for Nicki every week 😀 <3 <3

  14. obsessedwme says:


  15. obsessedwme says:

    BITCH UR DUM ! hate listening yo u talk… LOVE NICKI THO

  16. obsessedwme says:

    Well her clothes is from.her clothing line

  17. lana saleh says:

    I hate Minaj but I like her dress

  18. Clevver Music says:

    Haha! Sorry guys I guess I went too far with my ‘Queen of Twitter’ comment– funny that a lot of you picked up on that! –Misty

  19. Wohoo Idc says:

    “Queen of twitter”? Oh hell naw. Lady Gaga is the queen.

  20. Alex Minaj says:

    oh yeah she really is the queen of twitter ♥

  21. Alex Minaj says:

    nope from trinidad 😀

  22. JoseMirelesLyrics says:

    yes yes she IS the Queen Of Twitter ♥♥♥

  23. mikluvsbeuaty says:

    Nicki is a idiot.

  24. TheBrownLamb . says:

    How is gaga the queen on twitter when she has barley posted a thing in recent times and rarely interacts with her fans…I swear with little monsters they can only love one artist and one artist only- Lady Gaga..heaven forbid someone liking Nicki just as much or more than Gaga..yes I get it gaga has had surgery but that should not mean she can’t drop a few lines on her twitter..

  25. Joseph Butter says:

    I can’t believe this chicks a contributor on the Young Turks as well.

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