Nice Girls – Nice Guys Cover By Megan Lee feat. Justin Chon

ITUNES LINK! 🙂 itunes.apple.com “Nice Girls” is inspired by “Nice Guys” originally by Ryan Higa, Chester See and KevJumba!! 😀 Please just enjoy this video and remake without having to compare the original.. CHECK OUT THE awesome sauce ORIGINAL!!! Kevjumba’s version! www.youtube.com Nigahiga’s version! www.youtube.com Chester See’s version! www.youtube.com hope you guys like my version of the song hehe :3 it was definitely a BIG honor to work with the AMAZING big bro Justin Chon! We had so much fun making video & I have so much RESPECT to Justin’s acting passion & to learn from him! No matter what story is in here, Don’t Forget to “Stay true to who you are :D” CHECK OUT Jusin Chon’s YOUTUBE!! www.youtube.com ***special thank you for Smash Hitta for amazing instrumental track 🙂 www.facebook.com *special thanks to everyone who helped out with the video!! -Melly Lee (dp) www.facebook.com -Justice V Cho (the boyfriend) www.youtube.com -The Attic in Buena Park and its team! attic2zoo.com -Tutti Frutti in Buena Park -My lil sister Lindsey (the bad girl) www.youtube.com and my AWESOME SAUCE outfit is from yesstyle.com!! www.yesstyle.com …………………………………………………………………………… LYRICS!! Nice girls finish last that’s why I’ll treat you like trash it’s not what I really wanna do But you only date bad girls so I’ll give in my best try to treat you the way you want me to I’ll never do my hair or match the clothes I wear I’m gonna sit

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  1. 825nana says:

    Lol the little girl

  2. TheREAGN says:

    i hope ryan, kevin and chestersee saw this!!

  3. MyAngelloverXXX says:

    JUSTIN CHONG remind me of kevjumba

  4. TAOBABY EXO says:

    haha, i love this 🙂
    justin’s hilariouss

  5. inshallah baca says:

    Love this ur a great singer ;)

  6. poleonil says:

    He was born with it.

  7. Vanessa W says:


  8. Danielle Kim says:

    2:26 HAHAHAHAH justin chon friggen made this video

  9. KarLaurence says:

    that kid is so cool

  10. marianacon18 says:

    Hey visit my channel if u wanna see someone hit there face…….. :)

  11. Julia Chin says:

    YAY!!! JUSTIN CHON!!!!! (he did the role perfecly OMG)

  12. seeda sam-sok says:

    Justin Makes The Perfect Girl <3

  13. CastroL888 says:

    Ohhh Asians… :)

  14. xAsianfied says:

    Justin makes a great girl

  15. Luna6336 says:


  16. ilovecookies283 says:

    at the start i thought justin was a REAL girl until he turned around …… but awesome cover!!! 😀

  17. Linh Ngo says:

    China. We make everything.

    Nah, I saw one at Staples just like it.

  18. Ttaammyy says:

    haha best ever! <3 love it

  19. kitkatdog55 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks a Megan/chester see collab would be amazing?

  20. AsianCutieful says:

    Lol I love Justin Chon. 🙂

  21. AyShanxT says:

    Oh my gosh, Justin Chon is the bravest dude I know… of. ;D

  22. xiankionichan says:

    hahahahh you guyy are amazing ..
    megan omg your voice is beautiful

  23. TheAzngurl6 says:

    he meant to be touching the guys face in the picture NOT using it as a touch screen -.-

  24. applepielee18 says:

    Justin… That’s a Blackberry.. And Blackberries don’t have touch screens…

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