Next Generation Roleplay – “SASD” Traffic stop

San Andreas Sheriff’s Department – Assisting Captain Anderson on a Traffic Stop, and Assisting Sergeant Danielak with a Suspicious Person. San Andreas Sheriff’s Department no longer operates under the Leadership of the Argonath Police Department. The Department has been accepted to Next Generation Roleplay as an Officail Faction with our own Official Department, Ranks, Cars, etc. We were excited about the big movement and I would like to thank every single member who has supported this movement. Enjoy the video! Thanks for Watching! -San Andreas Sheriff’s Department sasdnetwork.com -Next Generation Roleplay NG-Gaming.net Come check this server out! -San Andreas Sheriff’s Department sasdnetwork.com -Next Generation Roleplay NG-Gaming.net Come check this server out!

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  1. MrBaywatchman says:

    nice video please tell me ip or the name of the server

  2. jthegreat45 says:


  3. TheDrizen says:

    New Server Refunding, Nice,Talented, Great Players and Admins

  4. TheUkGaming44 says:

    Why dont server work now or does it?

  5. John Matthew Fonacier says:

    Everyone did copy on SARP infact SARP is the foundation of all RP servers.

  6. forgeman359 says:

    I was speeding my ass off not a single person pulled me over

  7. NerttzTV says:


  8. ATMGamingX says:

    We play on Ngrp too, we post videos too, You should check them out.

  9. CmZxC says:

    I Lol’d.

  10. TechnicalJaguar says:

    What I love with NG-RP is that you can get away with any RP offense.

  11. ThaFPShootersCribe says:

    NGRP sux they copied the script from SARP

  12. 220Shawn says:

    Its required to have a mic for most police factions for better communication.

  13. MrAddy15 says:

    Cool 🙂

  14. ridooz says:


  15. TrollingAUS says:

    How to work in law enforcement of NGRP?

  16. NViusGaming says: this server has the same script as ngrp but better .we also have a Team Speak….we are looking for players,mappers,and server mods…players that come wll be giving a full refund + a house of your choosing if you can bring a family of 3+ we will make you a real family with a HQ and family cars
    if you can bring 15 people + we will map you a island ..hope to see you soon

  17. Razo1R says:

    hello i wanna be too police man,but intresting is that im a girl in this game, and i think it will be fun if girl is a police mam,i see the skin of girl but i do everything to be cop,just help me out somehow,i dont understand that how to be cop,i check all of forum ,but didnt understand,can you help me or make video how to be?? anwser the comment please

  18. malcolmjr622 says:

    @220Shawn I already have a million times, It looks fun but I dont want to be a cop cant you just mesage me the Ip for it///

  19. 220Shawn says:

    Just google the server name and the server’s info including the ip address will pop up.

  20. malcolmjr622 says:

    I cant get the ip to work, i dont want to be a cop but the server looks fun, i just want the ip, the one on the description doesnt work for me plz HELP~!!!

  21. 220Shawn says:

    Yes I am Shawn Edwards

  22. Dragoshot says:

    you’re shawn edwards?

  23. MisterBaseball200 says:

    Even though it’s a “role-play” server, not too many people on the server role-play anymore. That’s why you always see the “AdmCmd” message a lot about a DMer or Car Rammer (or any other Non-RPer) being kicked, jailed, prisoned, or banned.

  24. ironhide9111 says:

    Im true vatos -Altamont De la mota- Aztecas member

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