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  1. The NZSAS are very professional. They come from a peaceful country where
    the citizens are unarmed and very quiet and unassuming, but these Kiwi
    soldiers can really kick ass.

  2. The first 10 days of the training are mostly spent on your feet carrying A
    heavy ass bag full of your stuff It goes from like 50 recruits to 7 search
    NZ S.A.S. First among Equals 

  3. +FerreiraTheAmerican”USA us where all the immigrants run to for a better
    No, it’s not where all the immigrants run to. They immigrant to most
    western nations for a better way of life. In fact the U.S. isn’t the
    preferred choice for most immigrants because the standard of living is
    higher in several other countries than the U.S. It’s good to be patriotic
    but you have to realize that you’re brainwashed about your country as most
    of us are to a degree about our respective countries. Nothing against the
    U.S. just saying.

  4. An SAS operator did not put this video together. At least not with the
    music and other edits in this “version.” 

  5. at 1:36 the sas did that with out any one knowing that they were there.
    over the years the sas have been doing that exercise only a couple of
    people have ring the cops 

  6. To all you guys, that do not know how NZSAS origin came about.. here is a
    little history briefing for you. The Special Air Service, was established,
    during WW2 from the British. They were the hit and run raids that bombed
    Nazi out of Africa. During this period the LRDG (Long Range Dessert Group
    were formed of Kiwis. The first known Special Forces in the world that did
    what most armies couldn’t do, go behind enemy lines and blow them up. Later
    became NZ SAS established in 1955.

  7. Yet your life wouldn’t be the same unless those “who deserve to die” did
    what they did.. Just because you don’t think freedom and safety is worth
    fighting for doesn’t mean others don’t, If there were a majority of people
    like you during first and second world war, we wouldn’t be speaking English
    right now. For an older man I’d assume you would have some fucking maturity
    and common sense but alas I was wrong.

  8. oh my mistake I thought Ernest Rutherford was born in New Zealand……..OH
    WAIT HE WAS YOU UTTER IDIOT!!!!!!! do your homework idiot. you Americans
    may of created the Nuclear bomb but you didn’t split the atom. the only
    reason why the US defence forces are any good is because of all the
    equipment and money the US has.

  9. Yet the SAS are better, and they may look more hardcore, doesn’t mean they
    are. I have seen the videos of the Spetsnaz training, doing flips while
    throwing axes and knives, looks impressive but so what. And if you’re a
    kiwi then move to Russia since you love them so much and are obviously not
    a patriot.

  10. i hope everybody understands this pass rate thing. just letting all of you
    know that the seals pass rate number of like 33% is just some bullshit
    number that somebody made up cause all of the seals statistics are
    completely top secret and only seen by the US government. now i dont know
    about all the other pass rates all of you are talking about but the seals
    pass rate is some made up number by probably a non american that probably
    knows nothing about america.

  11. two thirds of the original LRDG were form New Zealand. Jus’ sayn (LRDG(long
    range desert group)=SAS(special air service))

  12. NZSAS had active operations in South East Asia, Middle East, and
    Afghanistan, have been involved with the Afghanistan conflict, since US
    operations started in 2003. Only 4 killed over nine year period..they do
    the impossible that the US and British Governments, deem too dangerous for
    there military and special forces. For a small force, the Kiwis are
    Powerful Force to be reckoned with. That is why they are the ELITE Special
    Forces in the world.

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