New Social Networking Wovre

New Social Networking Wovre

Wovre is supported by Yahoo7 so what is Wovre? Wovre is a popular FREE social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload
photos and video, send messages and communication with friends, family and, often, complete strangers .
Profile page includes information such as age, marital status and other personal
Once you add a friend to your Wovre friend list you will always know when they are adding things to their blog
or updating their profile.
Wovre is a relevant way to meet friends and keep up on what they are doing.


Wovre includes public features such as:
* Groups – allows members who have common interests to find each other and interact.
* Events – allows members to publicize an event, invite guests and track who plans to attend.
* Pages – allows members to create and promote a public page built around a specific topic.
* Presence technology – allows members to see which contacts are online and chat.
Wovre offers a range of privacy options to its members. A member can make all his communications visible
to everyone, he can block specific connections or he can keep all his communications private.

I found Wovre as being an awesome site compared to other social network websites. I found that it has a mixture of everything I’ve looked for in other websites, such as the ability to add a layout and make the page look as spunky, or professional, or fun or however you want it to look. The ability to make up groups is also one of the best features Wovre has. You can make a group without having to go through a million steps to do so as it is with other site. You can add as many photos into one album tag them, title them and also make a little comment about them under it. Must say so far it’s the simplest and best social networking site I’ve used, being a person who’s been from hi-5 to tagged, to myspace and facebook.

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