NEW RCMP Recruiting Video

I’m not sure If this video was already uploaded to the site. If not, then here’s a NEW official RCMP Recruiting video taking from the OFFICIAL RCMP recruitin…
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  1. Bob Vance says:


  2. diakiss galsen says:

    waiting to past the batteries test 

  3. Live it up do it up says:

    @darkknight302 I heard that if you fail you have to retake it in a year or
    something, is that true?

  4. Rayniz604 says:

    yeah man, why do local police when you can join RCMP and get sent to a city
    you totally don’t give a shit about. Why solve crimes when you can give
    tickets out for BS. I wonder what the rate is of solved/unsolved crimes by
    RCMP is?

  5. blackjack502 says:

    RCMP>>>NAZI>>> > RCMP>>>>NAZI

  6. blackjack502 says:

    What it takes to be an RCMP …thing. BIG ego, small dick. NO brain, very
    little braun. Someone elses car, no ability to drive. Lack of common sense,
    and a quota. Ability to find a Donut shop, could give a shit about a
    murderer. So, if you can’t think, can’t fuck, can’t fight, can’t drive,
    can’t investigate, but know where the donut shops are……..

  7. Live it up do it up says:

    @428ghost can you move to like marine services if you wanted? but you would
    have to transfer for professional development, am I correct?

  8. Live it up do it up says:

    @korea7891 what school are you at?

  9. Harpreet Binning says:

    @cheesynounou for rcmp you have to do a test anyway and the recruitment
    process only begins based on how you score on that test. so it’s really up
    to you.

  10. dave smith says:

    yes that family is each other… not the people, screw them.

  11. mUND33PS says:

    @0scottweise18 what the hell is wrong with you mate

  12. mUND33PS says:

    I’m 16, Punjabi, and I agree with riverdave7, this is my dream and would
    also do it for free

  13. Harbinger343 says:

    Do they show you how to soccer kick a fully compliant law-abiding citizen
    in the head like in Kelowna? Get the RCMP out of British Columbia in favour
    of a new provincial police force that may have some accountability to the
    people that they are supposed to SERVE. Corrupt, unaccountable RCMP have to

  14. RickySouthwell says:

    @RickySouthwell cus they wont hire you at 19 years old, i highly doubt you
    have everything that you need to do to become a cop done, there is lots to
    do to become a cop, it isnt a matter of just applying when your 18 and then
    get hired when your 19, if it is that simple dont you think i would be a
    cop already?

  15. Onyx Nova says:

    Hell yeah, I’m sixteen too and i’m gonna do this job believe me !

  16. RickySouthwell says:

    @RebirthWoWGuild you can apply but your not gunna be a cop at 19, maybe
    when your 22-23

  17. DuffTheStuff1 says:

    @tysonpeter like darkknight mentioned you don’t need a degree and i
    recently met with a recruiter and she echoed the statement saying that a
    degree or diploma wont necessarily help you get onto the force but it will
    make a significant difference when you apply for specialized policing
    duties after you finish your patrol work. so study something that you enjoy
    and it will help you specialize down the road but it will also show at your
    first interview that your dedicated and intelligent

  18. Jacob Carll says:

    @cdnparatrooper i agree, both areas ( National Defence & Police ) offer
    great opportunities and careers. If I can’t get into the CF, the RCMP would
    defintly be my career.

  19. funkinstein says:

    Another statement made without a single ounce of thought.

  20. Peter Michalski says:

    Please learn to spell.

  21. Live it up do it up says:

    @chrisa913 honestly i would hate it if I was American just saying…

  22. Rayniz604 says:

    I wouldn’t want to join the RCMP…. Gj for pointing that out heres a

  23. 428ghost says:

    @cheesynounou I’m told you ‘normally’ need two years general duty before
    you can apply for special functions like that.

  24. SupportWhitePower says:

    Look at all these jackbooted pigs thinking arresting a person to put them
    in a jail where they will meet more criminals and be angrier at society
    because of how they were treated will somehow make the world safer in the
    long run…

  25. 0123master0123 says:

    @SuperBenArcher america is a continent the us and Canada are both in north
    America. So logic when you say American that would include Canadians. But
    usually when people say american they mean people from the U.S

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