New Navy Recruiting Ad (Funny)

Funny spoof of the Navy.
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  1. josh Haliburton says:

    *results may vary*

  2. David DeBergh says:

    Future Seaman De Bergh, Aircrew (E-3)

  3. Abz S says:

    You forgot the most important soldiers in the armed forces, Navy SEALS, who
    die often for the country

  4. Claytondabest says:

    Joining the military is just stupid.

  5. Brian P says:

    lmao, fucking love it.

  6. Troll101ish says:

    well at least this ad is sort of honest….

  7. Charles reirhsehc says:

    You will get kicked out with “bad papers”! FTN, babby!

  8. jeff c says:

    I served on uss kitty-hawk then grew a pair of nuts then served in active
    army firs off both services are undisciplined but having served in both
    branches the army was more fulfilling people think soldiers are just a
    bunch of dumbasses but in reality being a soldier has more responsibilities
    than a sailor for example I had 2 responsibilities/duties in the navy but
    in the army I’ve had up to 8-10 being a soldier is more demanding
    physically and mentally this AD just solidifies how sailors are a bunch of
    pansies but I give props to the seals and navy EOD on a side not the seals
    and eod sometimes clown regular sailors while being downrange

  9. Gary Willford says:

    OK, I’m a former soldier, and I have to say, this was pretty darn funny.

  10. smilealexislovesya says:

    I knew I had a good reason to join the Navy ;)

  11. Glenn C says:


  12. MoneyMac219 says:

    damn right!!! GO NAVY!!!

  13. Alexander Johann Leibengeist says:

    I’m real Seaman! You should be too!

  14. Adam Simmons says:

    *Hilarious Navy Ad (Not Real but Hilarious)*
    I should make an Air Force Ad. We can out due the Navy in perks any day. LOL
    Shared via +Jason ON and +Steve Corneliussen
    #Navy #Military #Army #Recruiting #USN #USA

  15. John Griffiths says:
  16. Jeff Fitzwater says:

    Great new Navy ad….

  17. Boatswains Mate says:

    This is just too *funny* not to post! Have fun and share it!

  18. Derek Guggenberger says:

    Navy Recruiting Ad. Thought this was pretty good
    New Navy Recruiting Ad (Funny)

  19. Bob Brown says:

    It’s the navy for me!

  20. Robert380rs says:

    @jlowry04 yes your an idiot my friend if you think army is deciplined.

  21. grimm42 says:

    Listen to this man. Small boys may have more work for an individual to do
    but the benefits far out way being on a Carrier or Amphibious Ship when
    deployed (Basically a Carrier for Marines).

  22. blancasd says:

    Do everything you can to get on a forward deployed small ship. Stay away
    from carriers if your rate warrants it. With a newer class “small boy”
    you’re guaranteed a lot of travel and pulling into a lot of foreign ports
    dock-side. With carriers, they spend A LOT of time underway (that’s “at
    sea”) and they rarely, if ever get to pull into a foreign port dock-side.
    Carriers always have to anchor out and you have to wait in line to catch a
    small taxi boat to take you to port (“land”).

  23. CallsignCommie says:

    I found this shit near hilarious, and I’m joining the Army lmao. 😛

  24. josh Haliburton says:

    I can tell you havnt been in either

  25. StoryOfAGirl101 says:

    I’m dying

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