new football laser first down line contact 305 343-7480

laser first down line on the field for everyone to see new contact phone number is (305) 343-7480.
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  1. Alan Amron says:

    That’s not what the NFL cares most about its the time saved to shorten the game the networks care more about the use of time for lead in spots. I personally care more about the fan in stadium experience and accuracy of the game.

  2. Jose Martinez says:

    Did he say it would allow more time for commercials. That is NFL’s priority more commercials!

  3. KyleLC says:

    It sounded like he said Enron created this!

  4. EchoCompanyFilms says:


  5. jman878 says:

    welcome to texas stadium home of the fagboys

  6. BillyArtillery says:

    hey JaySborzFan from gamefaqs


  7. Blooper1980 says:

    Heeessaa.. vveerryyy fffaaatt!.. hot @#@$# can’t they get some guy who does not take up the whole screen.

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