New Facebook Plugin for WordPress So, Facebook have today launched their brand new wordpress plugin, making it even easier to deeply integrate your site / blog with the giant Social Network! I thought it would be fun to run through a live demonstration, from uploading the plugin to seeing what it looks like on the site! I shall continue to test the plugin and see what else it can do, but for now, I hope this video proves useful! Jo:) For more tips and updates on how to Profit with Social Media come visit our page! CONNECT WITH ME: My Website: Facebook Twitter: Linkedin: Google+: Pinterest: Our Blog: YouTube:
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  2. Hi Jo,
    I believe FB social plugin recently upgraded. When activated, I used to be able to check the “Allow Comments” box in Page Editor on specific pages and then FB Comments would either appear (or not appear) depending on if I checked the box or not. Now, it seems Allow Comments in page editor is overidden by the FB plugin and if I check pages in the plugin it appears on ALL pages regardless. I just want to be able to show FB Comments on specifc pages. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  3. Hi HoboHiggs, please come and ask the question on our Facebook Page and I’m sure one of fans will be able to assist you here. 

  4. Hello TheSNAtv,
    I installed the Facebook plugin 1.0.2, and did everything as you did in the video.
    The Facebook comments are working just fine on my website and on facebook, but the moderation tool doesn’t work. I can’t go to to see new comments and to moderate them. No comments are showing up, and my insight doens’t seem to work aswell. Do you know whats wrong?

  5. If you have any questions, please post them on the The Social Networking Academy Facebook fan page and Jo will certainly help you out!

  6. Great video thank you so much. I wish I could find help to install this properly from my wordpress site - I have managed to successfully have it post to my Page, but not to my personal timeline (whenever I make a new post, that is). The “simple” 3 steps from FB don’t help, and general googling has led me nowhere 🙁

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