Never Mind the Buzzcocks S22E10 (Part 1)

Aired: 27 November 2008 Phill’s Team: Mette Lindberg (The Asteroids Galaxy Tour), Matthew Wright Mark’s Team: Lee Ryan, Katy Brand

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  1. SteRDLK says:

    Avatar is the highest grossing film ever, yet that’s complete cack.

  2. kuvasz13 says:

    “it’s not a text message, is it?” I AM DYING

  3. atimelordisawitch says:

    Lee Ryan’s film actually looks like one of those spoof film trailers. An actual joke one. Not a real film.

  4. slannmage says:

    If you all look like Kirsten Dunst then I’m turn straight/gay/bi whatever, I just want one of you.

  5. girlwithheadphonez says:

    I know right! She’s Danish, i’m Danish..

  6. DavidTPerkins22 says:

    It’s a shame Katy Brand ruined this episode by bringing nothing to the table but vague pokes at Lee Ryan. Stupid cunt. 

  7. beautifulmidnight says:

    I’m kind of in love with Mette. She’s just so cool and adorable.

  8. QmHiggsy says:

    Nah man, there’s no cuntishness in lee ryan. I mean, we’ll never forgive him for blue…But he seems like an allright guy.

  9. sameat07 says:

    Mette is fit..

  10. broadcastyoselffool says:

    Or a massive cunt. It depends how you look at it.

  11. helloworld726 says:

    yea you are probably right, although i know she was also on it for a third time with Jedward, meh I do like her so I don’t mind 🙂

  12. bluejeckett says:

    Smons turned into the face from MAD magazine now, he really shoudldnt have got that haircut lol Especialy since this was his final series.

  13. bluejeckett says:

    Shes only been on twice so you must be hitting the same 2 episodes over and over

  14. bluejeckett says:

    He inherited his hate of Blue from Mark Lamarr who was flying theflag of hate years before.

  15. rrpjdisc says:

    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour!!!!!

  16. helloworld726 says:

    Everytime I watch this show Katy Brand is on it!! Is this her 198th appearence? Very lame joke I err… I very much apologize.

  17. joannaslomka1989 says:

    yes yes yes

  18. Linda Stevensen says:

    This is one of my favourite episodes ever!

  19. forshizzlemywizzle says:

    Does Matthew Wright remind anyone else of Frank Skinner?

  20. QmHiggsy says:

    Lee Ryan is such a good sport

  21. 1878Bernie says:

    Katy brand just isn’t funny

  22. realhiphop595 says:

    Blonde girl is really fit

  23. Nexius8 says:

    You don’t get to be the best of anything (and #1 albums count for that) by being stupid. At least not for long.

  24. MrCrushus says:

    yeah if he was as dumb as they were saying, he would have done a preston

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