Never Ever Getting Back Together!

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  1. blandetmanner says:


    “do they evolve like Pokémons?”..

  2. KayLaTiDo says:

    Tofu Cutties? no lol it’s Tofu Cuties!

  3. jasminlovesmusic says:

    Tom Felton lives in my town! Lol

  4. MultyManiacMovies says:

    was that tom felton? :O

  5. Bree Claire says:

    I put that much syrup too.

  6. domolvrrrrr says:

    What is his main channel ?

  7. FrostyMint02 says:

    They announced it on Twitter, Blair just said they would both be happier apart…

  8. 07bryantsa says:

    why did they break up? =((

  9. Darkvistasway says:

    They tweeted about it!

  10. i5boysforme says:


  11. BreezyGal07 says:

    they announced it over twitter.

  12. MsYea98 says:

    i love you sawyer! i hope to have a bf that is as sweet and fun as you!

  13. Starfoxx28 says:

    How do ppl know they broke up?

  14. morggaan09 says:

    wait… which alex was annie getting all giddy about? alex goot??

  15. BreezyGal07 says:

    where have you been? they broke up months ago.

  16. marebear955 says:

    did they say why they broke up?

  17. XXJuicyMaria24XX says:

    Lol this was funny haha

  18. Jihane286 says:

    me :p 😉

  19. Lucia Bertorelli says:

    can i have anny’s channel?

  20. Emma Loeskow says:

    Right here….miles away in Australia but hey 😛 haha!

  21. shefallsasleep0 says:


  22. BsophieeeB says:

    can’t say I’m not interested 😉

  23. jennylee1908 says:

    Is it just me or when sawyer says xoxo. I feel like he is going to be like xoxo gossip girl lol

  24. disgrlluvsblue says:

    YES. 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 TIMES YES. RIGHT HERE. <3

  25. bobby13279 says:

    so i saw sawyer said any takers…I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE.

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