Network Marketing VT – Why I Quit

Network Marketing VT – Why I Quit
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  1. Alex Griffee says:

    I quit also. Only kept it for a few days. Wasn’t at all what I was expecting

  2. panthrguy21 says:

    You want more information, ok, how bout she’s full of crap. The only reason she joined was to build her client base and steal members of NMVT. Don’t believe me, but pay attention to the video, she says she’s still a trial member, right? If she was a trial member in November, how was she able to give a detailed walk-thru of the back office and how to do facebook ads with NMVT back in FEB? Just sayin, pay attention people

  3. James Epperson says:

    Yea I think we do need a little bit more information on your reasons. Every company goes through some growing pains, especially when it grows at such a fast pace. As far as I know everything has been worked out. There is a lot of valuable information to be learned there. Mlsp is also a good company and the reason they have more information is because they have been around for a lot longer, but keep in mind even though it is only $50 a month they only pay half that when NMVT pays $98 at 100%.

  4. Blake McKibben says:

    That’s what I felt as well. While she does have to be more trepidatious with her reputation…it just seems like a passive aggressive move.

  5. Charles Peterson says:

    Thanks I respect your candor and integrity? I just took a peak at NMVT and was interested but also thought MLSP had much more to offer. Thanks for your leadership. The Internet Marketing Community is much better because of people like you. All the best,

    Charles Peterson

  6. Lee White says:

    It’s a pity you didn’t share anything more concrete about your reasons, here Michele. As that might have added a little more value for someone looking at nmvt, other than not wanting to put your name to it. It’s quite easy to say you’re quiting/not joining, however not giving any solid reasons for your decision is a bit of a cop out. You might have people thinking you’re just generating traffic as an mlsp affiliate. Just a thought.

  7. carrie lorentz says:

    I am curious if your account has actually been cancelled yet…I cancelled 5 days ago and my account still shows active also my downlines who cancelled over a week ago before their 14 days were up are still showing active in my account. I have encouraged them to block the charges through their bank to avoid being charged as others I know have been charged even after cancelling their free trial.

  8. Shane Carpenter says:

    Way to go Michelle. I’m sure this video will help a lot of people who are on the fence about NMVT make a final decision. I agree, reputation is more important than money.

  9. Colin DeBre' says:

    I completely respect your honesty, and I do value your opinion Michelle; thank you for sharing this.

  10. Trevor Fitz says:

    where do i go for mslp?

  11. Kelly Elliott says:

    I felt the same way the things I have seen showed me that this company is not for me at all.

  12. Karl Cardoza says:

    Hey thanks for sharing michelle

  13. Wade Hopkins says:

    I know this is difficult, but I want to say thank you for your honesty and integrity. I came to the same conclusion a while back on my own. I am honored to work with you guys and thank you for your strong leadership!

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