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In this soft economy many Americans are turning to Network Marketing. Did you know that more than 56 million people are running MLM businesses in over 100 countries around the world (13.3 million people in the US alone)? Multi level marketing businesses earned over 0 billion in sales last year. About 80 percent of network marketers are women. The global MLM industry has grown by an astounding 90 percent in the last ten years. What other industries are growing at that rate? Is tlhe industry you work (or used to work) in growing at a similar pace? If not, maybe you should take a closer look. I’m just sayin…
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  1. bo12117 says:

    I have been making money online since 2008 and so´╗┐ has my team ­čÖé we have a 24/7 chat room where we all work with eachother eveyday and come up with new ideas. anyone is welcome to join us. Just let me know

  2. brassoadam says:

    No legit´╗┐ job ever say no experience.

  3. brassoadam says:

    No experience to join is bullshit. We all know that you can not get experience´╗┐ unless you already had it in you.

  4. brassoadam says:

    Yeah, I did prepaid legal once and regardless of what the legitimacy of the company may be I can tell anybody viewing this video that ALL MLM Companies are legalized SCAM OPERATIONS AND SOCIAL SECURITY THEFT. Sign up sheets usually in the hands of minorities or people with shitty work experience always want your social security # to get started plus money upfront so they get paid on recruiting you. Training materials are crappy and they want´╗┐ you to solicit your mommy and daddy. These are frauds.

  5. chazrockwell84 says:

    I just signed up over 60 new reps into my MLM this month using this killer plugin for WordPress! Check out´╗┐ my channel for the link.

  6. BM1MakeMoneyOnline says:

    I made my first sale online!! 18.09.11 (last sunday)

    Thought I should share the method here since I made a sale after using it only 2 days. Unfortunately Youtube does not allow me to put the link here,
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    Great feeling anyway though to finally make the first sale. Got 44.99 USD straight into my PayPal account.

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  7. mlmpreacher says:

    Can’t wait for the TV series, The Pyramid Thing, to debut soon. They’re highlighting our company, Visalus! The trailers available to view on YouTube´╗┐ but it’s poor visual quality as it was filmed at our National Event in Atlanta.

  8. Canm4 says:

    I am glad people are starting to see Network Marketing is a viable source´╗┐ of income, freedom , and Independence! We buy into go to college and get a good job mindset. People actually fear working for themselves.

  9. getardyss says:

    So please don’t say no to your dreams start small, network,´╗┐ go big, finish rich!

  10. bigdaddycj31 says:

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  11. GoalMindTeam says:

    Nice Video!´╗┐


    I love my´╗┐ industry, check it out HERE

  13. QuintonCarlin says:

    I Agree ­čÖé great video´╗┐

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