25 Replies to “Network Marketing Lead Generation (Very cool + Free)”

  1. I thank everyone who posts videos on this topic for the time you invested
    in producing them. The selflessness with which you spend precious free
    hours researching and producing these are appreciated. Keep up the good

  2. Nice Vid’ James – It’s great that you mentioned that the fact that its FREE
    does mean that you will have to put in some TIME to make this strategy
    work. in addition to creating Value, I feel that to get more leads from
    your content, copywriting skills are helpful

  3. a great video, thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work! Have subbed and
    looking forward to new content 🙂

  4. Hi James a fellow Brit from Somerset living in west palm beach Florida
    thanks for this I am new to network marketing and I am loving it I just
    want to say a big thank you for what you have done as some people can’t
    afford to spend money trying to get leads

  5. James, I’ll definitely have to start using some of this in my current
    campaign! Love the video! I’m using something, who if you find this video
    helpful, will enjoy! Check it out, let me know what you think!

  6. Hey Absolutely fantastic video Really enjoyed watching the excellent
    content Will be back again soon for more Mark

  7. Don’t fully understand this…what are you suggesting? What, in your
    opinion, is the most important thing to do to get a page one position on
    Google? Also, the comment about Google often? This was written Feb 2010,
    post-caffeine update (live, 24 hour scans, no?)

  8. Hey James awesome stuff i like the video good information we def need leads
    to build successful mlm business! check out some of my 2011 lates fresh
    videos too 🙂

  9. Thanks for the Great Information! Your video is Very Inspirational! I have
    been looking for ways to generate more leads to my low cost network
    marketing business and this is definitely Top Notch Information! You are
    Very Sincere and to the Point. Thank You!

  10. Loved this thanks. Marketing can do your head in at times so tools and tips
    being shared is the way to go! Cheers

  11. WOW, this information is great and was free. James, you are very cool for
    helping out with info to people who may not know. THANKS

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