Network Marketing: A Solution To The Economic Depression?

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  1. sabot96 says:

    So your answer to the worlds problems is to scam people with MLM and promote supplements that require no scientific studies to verify their effectiveness. What nonsense. A much better solution would be that our tax structure is reorganized so that the wealthy pay their fair share and all health claims have to be backed up by scientific research.

  2. SeanJohnson97 says:

    Is it easy to get a Network Marketing job because I hate to work.. With that type of job would I have a lot of days off and still make a lot of money? would have to finsh college to get this type of job? If I could get payed 40 thousand a year and have a lot of days off and I could afford to buy laphroaig cask strength and drink ever day I would be happy.. I was think of becoming a teacher because they get payed a lot and have the summers off and they have the answser key .

  3. Geoffrey Pas says:


  4. introdor says:

    The economy may be in melt down but you can bet your bottom dollar that there are people out there that are making their fortunes whilst the majority crash and burn. What is going on at the moment is simply a transfer of wealth from the “sheep” who follow to those that are entrepreneurs and think for themselves.
    Well said again Katie!

  5. louis lestat says:

    god this woman thinks like me, redhead too its a long distance relationship but i think we can handle it.

  6. louis lestat says:

    i got the fear man…..yes together we can run our own society fcuck the government they brought the crisis to make us fear so they can control us…the illuminati planned this 7 years ago its no accident. wake up.

  7. Johnny Wall says:

    Way to go Katie. Speak that TRUTH! 

    ~ Johnny

  8. HansZech says:

    Hey Katie,

    I totally agree, Think outside of the box.

    Hans Zech

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