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  1. poopsmd says:

    @talos50 That’s not healthy. She’s a fucking whale.

  2. Z2theONA says:

    @Nerdovich She was wearing kneepads?

  3. Nerdovich says:

    Why the Swiss kneepads?

  4. muri1984 says:

    world getting worse! – prepare for the N.W.O.- A tipical puppet government and it’s ‘corporations’ are want to us to be stupid, blind, hungry for sex&sex, maniac, irresponsible etc.. to be a ‘CUSTOMER’… Already a ‘customer’?
    Look the comments-> ‘blind’ customers blabla – ‘oh it’s so good’ – u think whores do it for fun?
    Your puppet goverments (US/EU) bought u and selling u in these days. Goverments sell your liberty and human rights.What really gov. serves.?! Not us! It’s a ‘silent-fake’ adv!

  5. xxbereckixx says:

    igaz hamis :)) mert a szobabol az ajtoig az agybol eljutni tobb kell 2 masodpercnel !!! ja es meg valami hogy gyoztetek meg a csajt hogy ugy kimutassa magat ???????? XD

  6. MegaHitman666 says:

    Amarican movies allways buildup some DRAMA based on different types of EMOTIONS around SEX and sometimes the caracters get very close to have SEX and for some MORALEor EMOTIONAL reasons they DODGE it !
    What a CASTRATED ,PURITAN, LOOSER of culture!

  7. talos50 says:

    thats what I call a healthy body.

  8. intoantics says:

    God bless European girls!!!

  9. uselesscrown says:

    American TV is soooo bad.

  10. u090061 says:

    Howsa ’bout redoing the commercial with Zsa Zsa Gabor in it instead! So what if she’s 94. (Mmmmm!)
    Bravo Hungary!

  11. RESPEECT99 says:

    A vírusfilm műfaja szerint rövid, provokatív jellegű alkotás, amely online felhasználásra készül, abból az indokból, hogy azokat a célcsoportokat is elérje, akik nem az elektronikus (tv, rádió), vagy írott sajtóból tájékozódnak. A nyilvános fórumokon megfogalmazott kritikák csak erősítik a filmet, hiszen minél többen beszélnek róla, annál többen kattintanak rá, így önkéntelenül is a megbízó érdekeit szolgálják. Ez a film minden kritériumnak megfelel, ráadásul még a csaj is jó. Népszámlálás 2011!

  12. DutchFreezeR says:


  13. Metaalhoofdje123 says:

    If you can see their ribs, it’s not sexy.

  14. Erikvdr12 says:


  15. 1977Bigchimpin says:

    Man.. American tv sucks.

  16. jolareq says:

    @MrBonedaddy007 Really? Nasty?

    I guess there’s no accounting for taste.

    On an completely unrelated notey, when was the last time you had your eyes checked?

  17. extremduke says:

    Correct. Thank you for the explaining. Regards.

  18. MrBonedaddy007 says:

    @extremduke Guess that means you like ugly women, cause that bitch was nasty.

  19. MrPittsburghJ says:

    yes please. from behind.

  20. bopeuph says:

    I was in Budapest a few years back. I’ve never seen so many hot women in one place in my life.

  21. jpalissr says:

    So do we have a name or something on her? Everything I’ve read references “a topless model” with no name.

  22. Flightmonkey88 says:

    i lived in hungary for a year…. it was awesome! 🙂

  23. BoscoNeedsHugs says:

    Szááááánalmas 🙁

  24. frost667 says:

    i’ll take one of those thank you.

  25. wackywankavator says:

    Thank you Fark.

    First thing I thought of was Artemis from Sunny in Philly. I can’t fap to this. : /

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