Super strong neodymium magnets with dangerous magnetic force crush, mutilate and destroy with their magnetic power! This magnetic experiment shows how to use magnetic force to destroy anything!

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  1. DANGJOS says:

    how big was the magnet

  2. NoisyPocketFerrets says:

    1:45 This is your brain… This is your brain on Drugs!

  3. CakeTamer says:

    noooooooooooo please dont bring this up >.<

  4. Godwashere09 says:

    imagine putting the tip of your penis in it

  5. minminguy says:

    1:48 your testicle.

  6. QBAlchemist says:

    2:01 …. definately a candidate for the Ribena adverts …

  7. Tenmoku Ikko says:

    exploding winner XD

  8. Sirlw says:

    0:13 ouch the Dick

  9. legomaster047 says:

    Why not the can of spam it self

  10. Andrew Norris says:

    2:01 your brain on drugs

  11. HockeyBoss1731 says:

    I didn’t see the hot dog burst the first 19 times lol

  12. vinceguy1 says:

    Perfectly good spam, PERFECTLY GOOD!

  13. Lethalis1234 says:

    0:10 Pick the wrong pussy, this could be you.

  14. idahocowgirl94 says:

    dude imagine one of those smashing yo d**k, you have no idea how bad that would hurt, if that happend to my d**k i would shoot myself 😮

  15. Immaimperfictcell says:

    @ 1:46 HEADSHOT!!!!

  16. James2t3 says:

    Circumcision gone wrong.

  17. wkornhauser says:

    I could see these magnets becoming a new execution method, put guys head in front of a giant one of these and slowly push another magnet towards his face, done.

  18. supercrazy7079 says:

    it wouldnt just break your finger it would take it clean off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. HuGoIvaN93 says:

    This video is aproved by Nigel Thornberry

  20. halopartyboy says:

    That first one made my dick hurt!

  21. JasonofAustin says:

    0:20 spark!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. TheLuke3399 says:

    0:11 I’m glad that wasn’t my penis

  23. TheFindingLotus says:

    0:10 i held my crouch. >.<

  24. 84561237456123 says:

    dear god im scared to have my neodymiums from amazon :(

  25. Cian Fox says:


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