NCAA Football 13 – UTSA Dynasty: The Rebuilding Project Begins! – Recruiting and Introduction

My NCAA 13 Dynasty Mode series is underway! The UTSA Roadrunners are my team and I am working towards making them a powerhouse in the NCAA! Right now my team is not very good, recruiting is difficult, and I have a lot of work to do. I’m ready for the challenge! I’ll have a lot more NCAA Football 13 coming! Follow me on Twitter www.twitter.com Follow me on Facebook www.facebook.com Check out my channel for more awesome content DAILY! www.youtube.com
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  1. Igo2423 says:

    Like the series but wheres FLASH JACKSON!!!!!!! pls reply

  2. LouDubzENT says:

    You can stp the cpu from assigning prospects automatically by going into coaching philosophy

  3. ckthekaiser says:

    What’s wrong with an Independent Notre Dame?

  4. TomahawkMan1000 says:

    never been a fan of watching sports gameplay on youtube but this guy is awesome

  5. cantstopthisguy3 says:

    how do u get to the screen at 4:21?

  6. j10eff says:

    I move Notre Dame for the BIG-10 also. I kickout Indiana to the MAC.
    I also move around the BIG-10 divisions….Michigan.Ohio state, Notre Dame, Penn State, Michigan State, and Purdue…..Wisconsin owns on my dynasty right now

  7. j10eff says:

    The fastest guy on my dynasty team is white with 98 speed….yeah thats real life! not!

  8. j10eff says:

    Change your player threshold to 5

  9. Dean Dominie says:

    You can change how the cpu fills your recruiting board. just go and turn off recruiting board assistance

  10. Upsetcontrole says:

    excuse me Texas!!! I’m tired of TEXAS being overrated. if Texas was so great than why does Baylor beat them. GIVE THIS A THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE!!

  11. bigshow1072 says:

    Cool videos keep making them

  12. MorbidParrot says:

    If you go to strategy you can turn it off to where random recruits are added to your board.

  13. timothyjairspon123 says:

    love this vid

  14. ZRUSH721 says:


  15. TheJiggaaMann says:

    make alot of these and do live streams too

  16. DSINGLETON8665 says:

    you forgot to turn speed threshold to 0.

  17. brandoansvr says:

    Def like seeing your recruiting

  18. kingofthe915 says:

    eff utsa they are copying UTEP all the way uniforms, hand sign, colors

  19. josephac29 says:

    if u want to turn off cpu added pros-ects to ur board just go to strategy and turn off recruiting board assistance

  20. MrDwtime70 says:

    eh, RTG is my favorite mode

  21. coolcam28 says:

    Its more of a building than a REbuilding project haha

  22. Tyler Myers says:

    hey everyone i have a online dynasty and looking for more players its just 2 star teams to coach and u have to be a coordinator if u would like to join its for xbox email me at tymy4@hotmail.com

  23. F00tballFanatic5 says:

    im not sure but i dont think those are real teams haha

  24. RV72392 says:

    Awesome!!! One of the recruits was from Harlingen, TX!!! That’s my hometown!!!! How cool is that? Lol:

  25. airafrica23 says:

    Whatever it is.. FCS EAST or FCS SOUTHWEST etc.. is it a school or what?

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