NCAA Football 13 Recruiting Complete Walkthrough of The New Recruiting Format Ft. Virgina Tech

Before or after you buy this game i wanted to show you the in depth look into this years recruiting updates and new format. it is alot better then last year …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Charlie Newman says:

    Go Hokies!!!

  2. happygi1more77 says:


  3. mitchiebaby124 says:


  4. terceirafire says:

    not much different, simply what you see in this video is about it

  5. mitchiebaby124 says:

    How much better is this game than ncaa football 12? Is it worth it right away?

  6. MrBawsT says:

    I think it’s like 5,500.

  7. murraybuchanan13 says:

    A Hokie is a castrated turkey

  8. MrGhosLV3 says:

    I’ve signed 4 this year @.@ they where all 3 stars with 4 star ratings after scouting them

  9. greendoubleZ says:

    T.J. Concepcion? Best name for a QB ever!

  10. Sparks CS says:

    Fuck yeah! VT ALL DAY BABY. Reppin the VA

  11. Jonathan Ieslin says:

    Join JIeslin24OD2. I have the real rosters downloaded. Just need people to join

  12. xXRellishXx says:

    Anyone know the max amount of points required to recruit a person

  13. stephen cooper says:

    terceirafire please do the same thing that LaxRoxTopher is doing with the onling dynasty and if you get this message please hit me through youtube my account is scubacoop52 thanks
    ps MAKE IT FOR XBOX 360 thank you.

  14. Tyler Myers says:

    hey everyone im making a online dynasty sunday or monday if u would like to join email me at tymy4@hotmail.com it will me just 2 star teams and u can only be a coordinator it is for xbox

  15. Lud Didier says:

    great recrui at that qb haha

  16. gil2m says:

    Utsa by the way is a fun welcome to true division one by the way. — might be a good series

  17. Trey Urban says:

    A bird similar to a turkey

  18. shiftygasm says:

    A Hokie is a supporter/fan of Virginia Tech, not a turkey. Hokie Hy! 3

  19. aaron sullivan says:

    its a chicken or turkey or rooster actually all i know is that it is a bird that we eat alot

  20. thederekman15 says:

    They will enter college with that rating.

  21. Mrwalterdog12 says:

    Question. Is the rating forthe recruits the potential they can reach or is it the rating they will enter your college with?

  22. kingmatt334 says:

    Vagina Tech

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