NCAA Football 11 Recruiting Video Part 1

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  1. hyatt2005 says:

    Northwestern does have a Texas pipeline. They got some of their best players there. Like Kain Colter.

  2. Jesusfreak7427 says:

    It would help a LIL instead of sayin u could

  3. Jesusfreak7427 says:

    U could have compare to Kansas durin the call

  4. Zach Mulcahy says:

    how do you put them in ?

  5. superpokemonsoccer says:


  6. NbaTheGreatest says:

    ncaa fotball looks really fun ill pick it up if its chaep and wait till july for 2011

  7. MGBLUE991 says:

    this guy is hilarious. the good way though

  8. beamerball666 says:

    I’m not kidding I play with Va.Tech on Heisman level the only thing I do is change my non conference&I can fill my recruiting board with the E.S.P.N U 150 kids&with Va.Tech is almost impossible to recruit ’cause you compete against Alabama, L.S.U, Texas&U.S.C&so on it’s ridiculous

  9. beamerball666 says:

    Hiesman recruiting you’re a braver man than I am

  10. ChemBoy613 says:

    I just had to give a shoutout. I play as Michigan (my alma mater), but I went to Northwestern for Law School and it’s good to see someone playing as the wildcats!

  11. Ya2k11 says:

    @sickoicko Yes all you have to do is keep winning and change your schedule so in non-conference games you play ranked teams

  12. UptightJJReturns says:

    Its for both

  13. ryan1herman says:

    what do the symbols next to the players name mean?>

  14. MTburner33 says:

    this guy is only in week 4 of his dynasty and only has 4 recruits on his board…. wow…. just wow… FILL IT UP YOU IDIOT

  15. CommanderCody18 says:

    Is this only for 360 or is it on PS3?

  16. sickoicko12 says:

    so you can turn a small school into a powerhouse team in dynasty and get better players by just winning alot? i need help

  17. Ya2k11 says:

    I am in my 5 year, just finished the preseason recruiting and I play with Temple. Temple is not a powerhouse neither but I have turned them into to one. I have won every game so far in my five years with a 72 game win streak. And not to mention the rose, orange, and sugar bowl. I have also won back to back bcs national champions. My recruiting still isnt easy

  18. Alex Amerling says:

    “Ill probably get destroyed since I just got whooped by Central Michigan.” 😛

  19. alavez789 says:

    eyy gotta question, lets say ur a good team in a weak conference can u move to bigger and better conference?

  20. TheGameGuysBlog says:

    The recruiting on here is almost too hard. The problem is players don’t progress like they should. I was using Northwestern in my online dynasty and the best recruit I got my first year a a 4-star RB. I was happy with that on Heisman recruiting. NW isn’t a powerhouse, it should be difficult. But I got the prospect on the roster and he was a 69 rating. That shouldn’t be for a 4-star prospect. The players come in too low. By year 3 my defense was a C- and the AI was beating the hell out of my D.

  21. MPMproductions2 says:

    Yes I do. But I only play against people who can play the game correct.

  22. bissoc14 says:

    your point is? i fucked up mofos when i was 12 in madden, and my little cousin would whoop your ass. do u have an xbox?

  23. MPMproductions2 says:

    I’m 14 asshole.

  24. bissoc14 says:

    congratulations you can win in all American, so did my 13 year old cousin

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