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  1. Start as soon as you can. I’m 16 and I just started to prepare. I feel like I waited to long, but I will have to work beyond any limit I know.

  2. @Sixguns Magee are you talking about the pilots or something because I’m pretty sure those are all Navy SEALs because the video was made by the Navy and was posted on here by a former SEAL

  3. I noticed that this was posted a year ago. How did you fare? I’m currently considering joining and I would love for you to relate your experiences if you could. =)

  4. When the SEALS are about to enter the bunker, the “enemy” soldier at 3:43 looks like he only received a shoulder wound. There was only one shot fired/heard. Wouldn’t he be a possible exit threat?

  5. That was the fastest rope rappelling I’ve ever seen. Also, a great image on what a Real SEALs life really is. Thank-you.

  6. When I joined in 93′ this is what they showed me on my p3 day of boot camp. I passed the test on try 2 went to buds 191 and had no idea how tough it was. Got my ass handed to me. At least I tried and have the balls to say I failed. I should have prepped better I guess.

  7. Haha same here. I have cousins in the SEALs. I want to be one really bad, and i have to keep the tradition alive ahah

  8. It take two bullets from an M-14 to kill a bad guy.

    The first one knocks the tree down he’s hiding behind… and the second bullet kills him…

  9. I wonder if that helo was from HAL-5, the predeccsor to my old squadron HCS-5. We supported the West Coast SEAL teams and also we went to San Clemente Island for a week to fly the third phase students to assist in some of their training. This was back in the early to mid-1990’s. Man, I sure miss those days. The UDT/SEAL instructors were very professional and really cool to us and one taught me how to climb the ropes the students have to do before entering the chow hall.

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