Natasha Nassar Interviews Jonathan Budd

www.NatashaNassar.com In this video, I ask Jonathan a very important question: “What is the biggest mistake that you see beginners making when they come online.” Watch the video for his answers. This is the first of 6 videos with 6 and 7 figure earners. The other videos are reserved for my subscribers, so go to my blog and sign up for my free video series so you won’t miss out on this incredible exclusive training that you won’t get anywhere else!

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  1. teresaonthetube says:

    @natashanassar I have a flip and love it! Jonathon Rocks! Thanks for this simple wisdom.

  2. natashanassar says:

    @DaytonAnderson Just a simple Flip Camera 🙂

  3. DaytonAnderson says:

    great video…I would love to know how you made it

  4. mycreativefreedom says:

    I like how he says that most people are waiting until they are perfect… It really does take action steps, even if you suck! 🙂 I know exactly how that is and even chose to leave my own crappy videos on as a testament that you can improve, as long as you keep going. This guy is pretty cool. 🙂

  5. sharonwhyte says:

    that’s great, Jonathon knows exactly what he is talking about.
    You don’t get paid the big bucks for doing very little!

  6. manifestnow1 says:

    Great Video Natasha and great question. Many do feel overwhelmed for that exact reason. Where was this recorded Also I want to ask you what software are you using for create your videos. Great Job! Doug

  7. carol0000carol says:

    Well jonathan is right. He rocks I like to do my homework!!!! so I can feel good about me.I think I got an A this past corse.jonathan is for real.

  8. golfprogress says:

    Astute observation. I call this “the overwhelm”

  9. RebAnderson says:

    Well done Natasha, great question to ask Jonathan and a great answer. It has left me thinking for sure. Thank you for that.

  10. 23AMR916 says:

    yup thats true

  11. livingsimplyrich says:

    Your are awesome! That you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world.

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