Nancy Lieder, The Zeta’s, Planet X & Earth Changes

Communications and relationships with the Zetas (also known as “the Greys”). In the first half, “emissary” to the Zetas, Nancy Lieder shared telepathic messa…
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  1. stephanos jacobsen says:

    hmmmm we are still alive nacy,you fucking cunt

  2. joepod8129 says:

    ARRGGGHHHHHH!!!! Everytime I do a search on “coast to coast am” shows with UFO talk its ALWAYS with this lady! She is the worst guest ever!

  3. Timmy Farlight says:

    Yeah, everyone is a smartass now that 21 dec. 2012 passed !

  4. John Divine says:

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  5. Sandy Leak says:

    Thank you sooo much.

  6. Danny Mars says:

    soooo, do you play minecraft? Does the game get like interesting? Or is it all based upon when you build? I mean whats so interesting about it? Does it ever change as you get further in?

  7. afvpegknight says:

    Dude do you even know how long 1 billion years is?
    thats 10 MILLION centuries! Im saying that the world is not going to end for EONS of time. Our great great great great great great great great grand children will not see the end of the world and neither will we. So stop predicting the end of the world

  8. Danny Mars says:

    You told me the world was never gunna end, and now you know exactly how it is going to end 😀
    Not to mention you just assume Im paranoid. 😀

  9. afvpegknight says:

    No duh earth isnt gonna last forever, Eventually in 1.5 billion years the aging sun will kill all plant life on the planet starting the end. But considering we humans live only to an average of 84 years old we do not have to worry about that!

  10. Danny Mars says:

    Believing the world will eventually end does not make me insane.. In the reality we live in nothing is forever.. It is to be expected. I would really be suprised if this planet we are on now lasted forever.

    And Idk who you think I am…

  11. afvpegknight says:

    Keep believing the world is gonna end then, Im done trying to talk to insane people like you. The world only ends for us when we die.

  12. Danny Mars says:

    Gzzz thinkin you can use my own game against me 🙂 pleasse. Everything ends.

  13. afvpegknight says:

    Im not angry. Why would i be? Anyways the world is never gonna end.

  14. Danny Mars says:

    OMG it happened! you are a genious 😀

  15. Danny Mars says:

    if they pissin u off they are working

  16. afvpegknight says:

    If we were dead we could not be typing these comments in fool.
    The world did not end. So give up on your lame ass trolling attempts they wont work.

  17. gambleyourhealth says:

    How did those Dogs taste Nancy? 

  18. Danny Mars says:

    proove it

  19. tachash says:

    tsk tsk, denial, tsk tsk…

  20. FyreMunky69 says:

    Dude go home put your helmet back on ..go catch that short bus you fell off of

  21. afvpegknight says:

    nope still breathing.

  22. Danny Mars says:

    Because it just did… geez

  23. Danny Mars says:

    I want one!

  24. newnewjordan12 says:

    The zetas is are god

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