My Success with Empower Network

See for yourself http://www.keepallyourcash.com. Do people really experience success with Empower Network? Could what I’m hearing about “regular folks” making 000 a month or more with…

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  1. Keysha Stepanova says:

    I love that you are passionate about writing and were able to express that
    with empower network, I keep coming back to this because I realize how much
    I love to write and it’s all about inspiring people not trying to sell sell

  2. Genesis uganda says:

    she’s really cute

  3. tamia hardy says:

    Hi Dana, i love to write also, i was once with Empower. I quit bc it wasn’t
    the right time for me. I think it’s the right time now. God bless you

  4. Curt Worrell says:

    Love what ur doig lets get!!! keep it going

  5. EmpowerNetworkTMA says:

    Congratulations Dana, and congratulations on all of your success…

  6. Wesley Virgin says:

    Beautiful place.. Lets connect when you get a chance. My skype id is
    sevendayfitness.. Talk soon

  7. Dana Che says:

    Yes. I sent you an email 🙂

  8. Derrick Eason says:

    Good job Dana, sorry I had to go off on your page, forgive me. I just hate
    a hater, real recognize real and this dude is looking mighty unfamiliar.

  9. Dana Che says:

    Hi there. You can email “Dana” at either of the web addresses on the last
    page of the video. Sorry, Youtube won’t allow me to put the email address
    in this comment.

  10. Gabe Johansson says:

    Hey Dana, great video and story! Glad to hear you’re having success! I’ve
    already got everything that Empower offers (community, blog, low end,
    residual, and high ticket products) but it’s still a killer system. For
    people wondering the “specifics”, it IS a blogging and lead capture
    platform with list building and affiliate marketing already built in. BTW,
    currently checking out your channel and it’s awesome!

  11. Dana Che says:

    Exactly! Or they did a whole lot of the WRONG stuff because they didn’t
    have all the products and didn’t learn how to effectively market.

  12. LookAtWatiSay says:

    Hi Dana my name james and i just signed with empower network and struggling
    i need help my sponser be acting corny like he dont want to help please
    email me at jamesproctor17@yahoo.com

  13. Dana Che says:

    Hey Gabe and thank you so much!! Keep rockin’ with what you’re doing. All
    the best to you!

  14. Aaron Webb says:

    Excellent message Dana. The Lord answers prayers of the righteous

  15. Dana Che says:

    Jessica, send me a message here please.

  16. Dana Che says:

    @Aaron Webb He sure does! Thank you.

  17. Dana Che says:

    Have a great night! Hopefully you’ll find a little something better to do
    with your time.

  18. Dana Che says:

    Gooncity, by “us,” I’m assuming you mean “you,” so click on the link
    underneath my video if you want to see specifics. I follow the Empower
    Network system…that’s how I’ve had success. It’s simple. Follow the
    directions and get paid. Almost a year later with Empower Network and still

  19. Dana Che says:

    Like I said, best to you!

  20. Dana Che says:

    I’m glad you’re making money online. However, please do not use my channel
    to advertise for your business. Best to you.

  21. JerikaSyncere Wilson says:

    Hey!! Im in Empower Network as well!!! Folks who have negative things to
    say are the ones who joined and didnt do JACK and wondered why their income
    was $0. lol

  22. David Adams says:

    Looks like it got a bit heated in here. This means you’re on the right
    path, Dana! Negative people will do anything to bring you down to their
    level due to their lack of success! 🙂

  23. larry roberson jr says:

    another one guys she has prior marketing experience on the Internet

  24. Dana Che says:

    Dear, I am sorry you are so skeptical. The reason that most EN business
    owners don’t give specifics is because we value our time. Try asking Bill
    Gates or Donald Trump for specifics on how they built their businesses (and
    let them know you want those specifics for free). I would recommend you
    decide what you want out of life and take massive action to get there
    instead of being a skeptic. There are many, many ways to market. Blogging
    is one. I pray you find what you’re looking for. Best to you!

  25. Dana Che says:

    Hi there. Just keep sight of your goals. The excess bill situation is a
    temporary circumstance that you can change. I look forward to working with

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