My Skin Care Routine (VideoBlog19)

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  1. TheHolySpirit says:

    Amazing! This stuff must really work ‘cos in this video your skin is in 360p and on the day after in the next vid it’s much clearer at 720p HD! Cool!

  2. dancelovepeacegirl says:

    Thats so awesome, Lots of boys think this stuff is stupid an only for girls… But its not!
    You rock 🙂

  3. MCrz2000 says:

    Awww! That was cute! I luv it!

  4. KATKAT3553 says:

    You have better skin care things than me and I’m a girl!

  5. sportybutgirlie101 says:

    ” I take a cotton ball and rub it all over my face, and it burns.” hahahah lol!!!

  6. Sara Tolva says:

    srry swayer but y is ur face pink! probably camera, right?! =))

  7. sportybutgirlie101 says:

    That was funny!!

  8. savannasurfer93 says:

    nars and clink is girls crap hahah

  9. Videogamelocker says:

    real men wear nars

  10. GirlyMusicFreak says:

    U do know clinique has a skincare line for men right?

  11. WebkinzModelz13 says:

    hahahah you seem so embarrassed. you lucky duck though, you’re using some high end products!

  12. marebear214 says:

    I always say that real men moisturize!

  13. Brittany Paige says:

    I think this is hilarious yet sexy!

  14. cynthia hughes says:

    Nars is a girl make up line / company! LOVE IT SAWYER.

  15. Sarina Jade says:

    Did anyine else realise that his face was pink??

  16. Enchantelover247 says:

    aw sorry that your embarrassed with this video, but thanks for sharing 🙂 

  17. nocturno26 says:

    now you sound like a dude! not to girly

  18. hubbabalooba says:

    Haha I love this! Your so lucky I wanna guy that’ll ask me for skin advice! I love the Elle references!:

  19. Ali P says:

    dont forget the ftc!!!! 🙂

  20. Lisa Kim says:

    alot of guys use skincare, even if ur male you want to maintain ur skin and look ur best!

  21. Katie Schraeder says:

    i have the same face wash

  22. gingerbear379 says:


  23. MichelleGenevieve says:

    hahahaha awesome!!! you should try Clinique Skin Supplies for MEN! they have men toners!

  24. provon1 says:

    ★it rally burns★ lol ™♥

  25. Beachbum2274 says:

    Don’t be embarassed, alot of guys use that stuff! 😀

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