My Major Breakthrough – Daegan Smith (Maximum Leverage) List Publisher Profits Partner – 11/01/2012

Read This Blogpost: daegansmith.infusionsoft.com Daegan Smith’s List Publishing Partner program is the shizzle. If you are interested in becoming a list publishing partner yourself? Reach out to me. youtu.be Trust me, by becoming a Daegan Smith List Publishing Partner you will not only take your internet business to the next level, you will solidify your internet business forever.

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  1. Daegan Smith says:

    Took 8 years, but I’m happy to be working with you now my man.

  2. George Briere says:

    thanks David…that means alot coming from a professional like you 😉

  3. DavidEDeMarco says:

    Really good video George. I’m a video guy and I know how frustrating it can be when you do a video and then realize you have to do it over again. But hey, this one turned out real good. So thanks for sharing your story.

  4. George Briere says:

    Hey Thanks…appreciate the feedback ;-)

  5. OneMartyMac says:

    Hey George, I like this video, Thanks for sharing your story… Sorry you had to start over 🙂 Happens all the time

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