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  1. jazmin astudillo says:

    the video where cat and joey tag alfie and zoe is called Love tag w/joey its on catrifics channel

  2. Tabby .S says:

    what video was it? please reply what the vedio was called? thanks

  3. Willow Roe says:

    I LOVE ALFIE AND MARCUS!!! And Sam pepper!

  4. SilverLeguar says:

    4:47 dat laugh

  5. Britney Grant says:

    so this was uploaded 11/15/12 and by 12/31/12 Sawyer, Louis, and Sam are living together…YOLO

  6. mimiteen15 says:

    I luv Marcus and Alfie ur definitly lucky to bump into them!!! <3

  7. Lucie W says:


  8. Natalia Gallegos says:


  9. Natalia Gallegos says:


  10. catstormcloud says:

    the guy in the green jacket has one amazing voice….

  11. jay emm says:

    we are two australian girls about to go on a gap year, if you’d like you should come check out our channel- we just put up our first video! xx

  12. Monique Jones says:

    ALFIE! <3

  13. Pinkshopaholiclover3 says:

    “It’s Halloween and I just saw him eat a rabbit” ahaha

  14. Jessica Morales says:

    I love it when people I’m a fan of hangout and my mind just explodes.

  15. Munkers4 says:

    Of course we know who Marcus and alfie are!! They’re the BEST!!

  16. alecksss88 says:

    I KNOW WHO THEY ARE, even if they’re from the UK. and you are so luck you got to see them!! and also i love your voice. ok bye

  17. katie vernon says:


  18. TheRealReshale says:

    im an Irish viewer

  19. Karen vee says:

    awwwh marcus! I’m a US viewer and I do know who they are. lol

  20. XxshandiexX says:

    Lol at 3:04 that guy remind me of Harry Style as well, it his hair.

  21. XmelomanaX says:

    who was the black guy?

  22. Shaii Pearce says:

    everyone’s either American or British ? where are all the australianss! hehehe

  23. Mel166 says:

    Uk viewer, and I watch youtubers from all countries

  24. CoolLikeJodie13 says:

    im a UK viwer

  25. Jadee123321 says:

    2:55 for those of you who don’t know him, THAT’S TOM LAW <3 you NEED to check out his channel! 🙂

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