My Experience With Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group (EVG).

www.steverodgersonline.com To Mike Dillard, My experience with The Elevation Group has been invaluable. If anything it forced my girlfriend and I, both people of business, to sit down and take a look at our expenses vs. income and we were shocked to find that we were well into positive cash flow at the end of each and every month. Becasue of the content in the Elevetion Group we now have a clear-cut path as to what to do with our money to make it work for us from this point forward. I feel that the small section on Opportunity Cost alone is well worth the price of admission for the Elevation Group. For anyone on the fence as to whether or not EVG is right for you, the concept of Unlimited Banking should be enough to get you onboard. If not then I would say you are in complete denial about where the world is headed from the standpoint of finaces. Thanks again, Mike and Ican’t wait until next month. -Steve Rodgers

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  1. Steve Rodgers says:

    My pleasure. Thanks for watching. I’ll tell you the best thing about EVG is two fold: First you get an honest to goodness look at what is occurring globally with regard to economic policies, but what’s best is that you actually get to look over Mike’s shoulder as to what to do about them. Plus you’re learning from top experts about some real action plans you can take, depending on your situation. You don’t have to already be rich to benefit from his program.

  2. johan404 says:

    Thanks for giving a semi-honest review. All these other videos on YouTube about the Elevation Group sound like disingenuous sales pitches of people who haven’t really used the program or are trying to earn commissions through affiliate programs but don’t fully buy it themselves.

  3. Steve Rodgers says:

    Not sure why he wouldn’t be alive… I’ve been following Mike long before The Elevation Group. I don’t recall him making many predictions, if any at all. I do know that he has put forth the numbers and the experts that he personally follows and shares what he is doing with his money based on those facts. Real estate is part of it. Gold as well. Both for different reasons. I earn my living from what I’ve learned from Mike. Has nothing to do with predictions.

  4. Enrique Montes says:

    I respect other people’s opinions. I am very lucky to have built a small fortune investing in real estate for the last 20 years.That’s what I know and where I put most of my money. Good luck, and we’ll see if Mike is still alive when his prediction comes true. After all, most people follow him for his predictions of what’s going to happen next.

  5. Steve Rodgers says:

    For some people “soon” is 5 weeks, for others it’s 5 years. You should take a look at the fundamentals of gold and it’s historical significance. Then ask yourself, is the US still operating at record deficits? Have they done anything to stop the bleeding? Are they still devaluing the currency through money printing? Is Europe about to collapse?

    It’s not the price of gold that matters, it’s the value. It may go higher than $59K. It depends on the money printing.

  6. Enrique Montes says:

    Mike Dillard predicted in 2010 that an ounce of gold would “soon” cost $56,000!!!!. No comments.

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