My Exclusive Mike Dillard Interview!

I caught up recently in Las Vegas with the Man himself, mike dillard and managed to snag this exclusive interview. Listen as Mike takes about how to build a 7 figure income from scratch, how “pull marketing” changed his life, what really pisses people off when you approach network marketing the wrong way, and why good copywriting is the million dollar skill set that can explode your business.
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  2. michael20schumacher says:

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  4. foster2367 says:

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  5. bouyboy100 says:

    sounds like GKIC!

  6. Steventk26 says:


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  7. doublemadforit1 says:

    Mike Dillard is a legend. Nice way of looking at life as testing you to see if you really want it. Shame about the background noise but otherwise a great interview.

  8. ReneLinaresCoach says:

    Hey this is a nice interview you have with Mike Dillard!

    I like the part where Mike talks about the WORLD IS GOING TO TEST YOU

    Which is true if we don’t have desires to pursues our dreams were never going to get to our goals great great VALUE!

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