My Breakthrough – Letter To Daegan Smith

nextlevelprofits.com This is my breakthrough video. This is where I finally put it all together. This is when I figured out where my joy comes from.
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  1. Aurore Jones says:

    Great stuff

  2. Liberty1stBank says:

    Honest and true to form! You’re a winner and you show it .. with energy. Stay in touch and keep up the great work! I just realized this is an incomplete [new] channel I’m setting up. It’s all good! My best to you Allen .. See ya’ on FB. — Arthur Capet

  3. Daegan Smith says:

    This is why I do this. Eyes wide. Heart strong. Another finding their own power & purpose. Commitment based marketing – I’m with you. You both put a smile on my face today and inspire me. Thank you for both.

  4. Allen Gregory says:

    Yea. That deadline had a lot to do with it. Having my feet to the fire like that pushed me and that’s exactly what I needed.

  5. Vitoria Castro says:

    Allen T Gregory you are welcome but WOW, what a video! I got so excited just by seeing you! Outstanding and this is what I mean when I say ” show your energy! ” Probably in the last 4 days you produced, created, planned, discovered way more than an entire year!
    You were just ready for all of it ! I believe in you and feel really glad I was part of it…but this is just the beginning! And that’s amazing! keep it up! Vitoria

  6. Allen Gregory says:

    Thanks Andrea. You’re a really big part of this. But I know you’re just gonna tell me that I did all the work. True, maybe I did. But you definitely helped inspire it 🙂

  7. Andrea Goodsaid says:

    ba BOOM!

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