MW3 Top 5 Plays – “AJ’s Top Plays” Week 5 (Modern Warfare 3 Countdown)

Intro/Transitions by BlastedAsh – www.youtube.com Music by MasterEBeats – www.youtube.com Submitting is EASY! Upload your clip to zshare.net or as an unlisted video on YouTube and send the link to AJSTOPPLAYS@GMAIL.COM with a small description of the clip, that’s Pronounced AJ’s Top Plays at Gmail DOT Com, it’s easy to remember! Or use this submission form, topplays.anthonyjrogers.com If you don’t have a capture device, have no fear, Modern Warfare 3 has a theater mode (capped at 30 seconds of footage for free users and 60 seconds for Elite Premium users). If you submit your clip to AJ’s Top Plays please refrain from submitting it to other Top 5 programs, I want to make sure we provide unique clips that everyone will enjoy! By submitting videos to AJ’s Top Plays you hereby acknowledge that you grant a perpetual non-exclusive world-wide license to display, promote, or modify your video and the information in the submission herein on Machinima’s and/or it’s affiliate and partner sites, channels, and networks. ————————————————————————————————– My Social Network…Join if you’re feeling frisky! Vlog Channel: www.youtube.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Google Plus: gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Google Voice: (614) 859-2433 (leave me a voicemail!) Tags: mw3 top plays aj rogers rodgers ajrogers ajrodgers iijeriichoii drchiz drcoffeemd vikkstar123 juicetra dsiig legends week edition epic throwing knife spawn

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  1. missknockout says:


  2. AGFA1TH says:

    amazing truly amazing

  3. broxnation says:

    can i submit a sick black ops clip?

  4. culokin says:

    I appreciate the comment man. I can get down to business and be professional when needed. All of my commentary doesn’t always end up perverted but it’s easy to go down that route. I’ve been with Machinima for almost two years now, a director and partner, and I usually try to keep my Respawn/Realm/Sports vids on the laid back (less provocative) side. Thanks for pointing it out though, I appreciate it.

  5. Thunderstruck007 says:

    I like your video but I guess I was thinking about how you could hold everyone’s attention with a professional commentary. Machinima looks for ppl like that. And being your self is cool and so is being the best you can be too! Keep carnkin’ out the vids because you obviously have a creative knack for it. peace.

  6. jacesaces15 says:

    got your back bro ha.

  7. culokin says:

    Thanks man, I appreciate the comment.

  8. jacesaces15 says:

    naw naw you dont understand, all his commentaries have a hint of perv, and a touch of inuendo in them.. he doesn’t think he is cooler than anyone, if anything he is cooler than alot of people because he’s being himself.

  9. culokin says:

    It’s how I’ve always been…I’m not trying to be anything that I’m not. I’m also not a guy who thinks he is “cooler” than anybody else. I just live life man. I was kicked from the dinner table many times when I was a kid for “sex talk”. Mom thought it was funny, dad on the other hand…did not.

  10. Thunderstruck007 says:

    Nice video with creative editing, however just another video with a narrator that thinks he’s “cooler” using raunchy language. I would sub if it weren’t for this.

  11. xMistaNinja says:

    LOL thats why I liked too! 😀 well I would have liked it anyway but I totally LuLed at the darwin awards reference! XD

  12. culokin says:

    lol thanks. I did some Minecraft last Monday…I planned on doing some more this week and starting a new map, but I’ve been sick and my voice sounds horrible :(

  13. The120696 says:

    but this shit is really good too

  14. The120696 says:

    i miss minecraft mondays

  15. culokin says:

    Seemed like nobody was liking it, but I want to keep doing it. I’ve just been super busy outside of youtube these past few weeks/monthish. I hope to start it again as soon as I get over this sickness (you can hear it in my voice in this commentary)

  16. SoloGrave says:

    Why are hard scoping sniper clips always in the top 3..

  17. TeamVenomGaming says:

    cheers mate!!:)

  18. SkitMrSkat says:

    Like this vid so he gets notciced.
    like this comment so people notice the comment.

  19. Dudedyke says:

    So I’m guessing you gave up on your skyrim walktrough, lol? When’s the next one coming bro?

  20. liILCOLBy says:

    hello everyone im a new youtuber im any of you get some spare time come check my channel out….thanks

  21. MercilessWalrus says:

    AJ doesnt watch porn, but hes very good at making it.

  22. JackksPro says:

    clip 4: ssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtuple

  23. SJtheMFZB says:

    Lol, good shit AJ. I gotta start playing like this.

  24. TheSinzProductions says:

    Nice top 5 plays AJ:)

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