MW3 – Call of Duty Elite Clan Operations are LIVE! VG Recruiting!

Call of Duty Elite Clan Operations are LIVE! VG Recruiting! Call of Duty Elite Clan Operations are LIVE! VG Recruiting! Call of Duty Elite Clan Operations are LIVE! VG Recruiting! Leave your GT in the comments or send us a PM to invite you!
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  1. RyanAldridgeisaboss says:

    can i join please my gamertag is UNKNOWNVIP3R

  2. 123rammer123 says:

    Join call of duty elite clan GSG9 OG send in an application

  3. MrSea123456789 says:

    my friend wants to join his gamer tag is : SplitEquation43 we are good

  4. MrSea123456789 says:

    can i join ur clan restet all my lv and i still have not joined a clan my gamer tag is : gun12373

  5. ghost from hell says:

    If any one want xp lobby’s on any cod send me a message my gt is d ghost 011 I charge 800 Microsoft points or you can boost with me thanks

  6. iTzRec0nz says:

    i want to join vg, still recruiting?
    im a black ops 2 player

  7. sharonhdz22 says:


  8. dustin herglund says:

    gt BOOM x EQUINOX plz invite me to clan

  9. Nick T says:

    LE6ITxSHOT add me and invite me

  10. LilCAm3211 says:

    I’m starting aCall of Duty Elite clan it’s for XBOX 360 only the clan name is Killin4AL1vin. Reply back or message me on xbox live if you want to join. My gamertag is B BallKingCam23

  11. crisavenged says:



  12. 3xecution99 says:

    GT: About 145 Jews

  13. darkanime0517 says:

    GT:CryoGen X

  14. VindictiveGamingHQ says:

    Really spammer? SMH

  15. gage morrell says:

    MY GT: zzz xTRiCKzz x

  16. klioboss892 says:

    Gt:KiiD TiP

  17. VindictiveGamingHQ says:

    Send me a FR or a message on xbox live. GT: o SikOnDaStix o

  18. Warren Taft says:

    Can I join? Gamertag: CowsWithHats

  19. SuperJailbreakme says:

    Come and join our clan called Fevax. We restarted a new clan. Our goal is for u ppl to get whatever clan title u want, we level up pretty fast. It does not matter how bad your k/d is we just want u to have fun, if u want to join just email me at bowlofpower@hotmail.com thank you and have fun!!!

  20. VindictiveGamingHQ says:

    Read the description please :)

  21. redragdoll21 says:

    Amp Ladi3sman add me

  22. VindictiveGamingHQ says:

    Send me a message on Xbox and Ill add you to the team just say your from YouTube

  23. youngchopper101 says:

    GAMERTAG- FaDeD Viruz

  24. VindictiveGamingHQ says:

    Send me a FR- o SikOnDaStix o

  25. quickdraw464 says:

    GT FaZe_Temprrrs

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