Multi Level Network Marketing: No Bull From Jeremy Roenick

See what a high profile personality Jeremy Roenick, NHLer of over 20 years & USA Hockey Hall of Famer, has to say about the direct selling, multi level marke…
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  1. 9p174 says:

    But we are unaware until we get disillusioned with all relationships, it
    takes time..and nature changes it, trough you in you. You do not ever bring
    about a change yourself. We think we do. The traps are too deep and hidden
    and you should not miss one minute of sleep thinking about it actually.
    It’s pretty funny. Don’t take it too seriously. But at the same tim ebe
    very very aware of it :O) Goodbye

  2. TheNoExcusesSummit says:

    Best line – “How long do you want that to be your problem?!”

  3. 9p174 says:

    Ofcourse …! It plays on the so called answers. It”s too deep to ever
    understand but ofsourse it’s a trap, temporary sideroads 🙂 Allways
    explaining.. why would you? Just do something yourself and you dont have to
    explain anything to get others into it too.

  4. MissionWellnessTeam says:

    please message me more info about this. I have someone who is interested.

  5. TheNoExcusesSummit says:

    Love how JR always tells it like it is! He is helping a lot of people in
    this business… when you believe in something there are no limits my
    friend. All the best, see you at the top

  6. Vasiliy Mor says:

    Wow this is awesome, its great to know such great people do the business.

  7. cgasucks says:

    You’re website is down….probably because you couldn’t sustain the
    continuous recruiting and maintaining that pyramid…what a bunch of

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