Multi Level Marketing – No Fee Credit Repair Business MLM

www.creditrepairmlm.com – Start a multi level marketing credit repair business offering no upfront fee credit repair services – Credit Repair MLM
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  1. TheOverlord23 says:


  2. CreditRepairMLM says:

    Great, if you need help marketing let me know

  3. CreditRepairMLM says:

    Part 2 – This means if you build your downline and your team is responsible for 20 new clients per month you would earn $150 in month one and $300 in month 2, $450 in month 3, $600 in month 4 and so on. This is not counting the fact that over 600,000 people search for credit repair in a month and most would like to pay only after they see results. Right now we are the only company offering true pay after results credit repair.

  4. CreditRepairMLM says:

    Money is earned as follows – You would earn 3% of all billings for clients you directly bring into the program – Clients are billed when items come off. 60% of client pay ontime, 15% pay slow (within 30 days) 15% pay very slow (within 120 days) 15% never pay. In addition to the 3% on your own direct clients you get 3% for each client brought in under you down to 10 levels. average monthly billing is $250 per client and we pay 3% ($7.50) so you get about $7.50 per month per client

  5. TheOverlord23 says:

    Good opportunity! But how could you earn money, if you do only repair their credits and get the money afterwards? (when I can comprehend this I will be in immediatly!) Is it that your corporation has very huge sums of money? Could you make another video explaining this? : )
    would be great!

  6. TheLifeImprovement says:

    This seems too good to be true, Free signup to sell credit repair to clients and you don’t charge the clients until they actually see results!! I’m in

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